10 Animated SVG Icons Free Download

Web Designer always accepts new things in our pages, HTML have some limitations to implement the design in our application. SVG animation and SVG image introduce new thing in html5. We can play with the lots of animation and apply the CSS on SVG icons or SVG objects; simply you can do css3 animation on the SVG image. We have collected handpicked many SVG animated icons.

Below listed many types of SVG icons web set and different types of web objects. Best thing with the SVG web object we can easily change the color of SVG and easily animate with basic css3 animation and transition property.

Animated SVG Icons

animated svg icon

Hover Animated SVG

svg icon with animation

150 Animated Icons in SVG Format

svg format web icons

Message SVG Stroke Icons with Animation

svg stroke icons

Table Clock SVG Icon Animated with Gradient Color

clock in svg format

Flip Icon on Click Injecting SVG with Javascript

flip icon in svg using javascript

Beautiful SVG Animation with Icon

beautiful svg icons

SVG Icon Scale on Hover

hover effects on svg icon

Star Rating Components in SVG

star rating icon in svg

Flat Responsive Contact Form with using svg icon inside the field

flat responsive form using svg icon
June 19, 2018 by suman singh