30+ App UI Sliding Hamburger Menu Design Example

Smartphone applications have changed the design world of application development entirely. We develop the Mobile app keeping in mind that the design and animation and Sliding Hamburger Menu are the main part of application. Generally we use slide menu in mobile app because of small space in Smartphone. Hamburger menu contains icons with little three bar icons which you see in the corner of many mobile or web apps. On clicking these bars, a sliding panel either from right or left appears which contains either some navigation or filters as per app and hides after using or clicking it. It is a very good option for responsive design and provides ease of access.

Sliding Hamburger Menu Design PSD file Download

Basically we create UI design component for mobile applications. You can check many types of menu design and the design implementation in your app. We want to share lots of creative UI menu design in the one place as we have shared this as a collection below.

Some Collection may you like:

1. Admin Web Mobile

Admin Web Mobile

2. Sidebar Design

Sidebar Design

3. wiracle iOS app Sliding Hamburger Menu

wiracle iOS app slide menu

4. Menu Orange
Menu Orange

5. Player App – menu

Player App

6. Left menu of izlesene.com mobile app

Left menu of izlesene.com mobile

7. SAPO Cinema – Sidebar

SAPO Cinema

8. Mobile menu

Mobile menu

9. Drawer


10. Options Slider

Options Slider

11. Material Design Sliding Hamburger Menu

Material Design Sidebar

12. Cezanne Android app

Cezanne Android app

13. Learning app final

Learning app final

14. Filter Menu

Filter Menu

15. All Aboard iOS 7

All Aboard iOS 7

16. TwoSmiles Menu

TwoSmiles Menu

17. First shot 🙂

First shot

18. Menu slider/ feed screen

Menu slider

19. Glassy App Sliding Hamburger Menu

Glassy Sliding Hamburger Menu

20. Andy Stone Sidebar Menu Design

Andy Stone Sidebar Menu Design

21. Sidebar Screen

Sidebar Screen

22. Hamburger Menu Mobile App

Hamburger Menu Mobile App

23. Deals

Deals Menu

24. Quirky Platform iOS7 Menu

Quirky Platform iOS7

25. Dashboard and Menu

Dashboard and Menu

26. iShop Menu Slide

iShop Menu Slide

27. Dyskit – Profile & Sidebar menu

Dyskit Profile Sidebar menu

28. Mobile sidebar

Mobile Sliding Hamburger Menu

29. Left side Icon Menu

Menu by Alla

30. Slide Menu UI

Slide Menu UI

31. Sidebar – free menu

Sidebar free menu
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