Free Calendar Datepicker and Timepicker jQuery Plug-in

Free calendar datepicker Plug-in is very simple and easy for user interaction with date. You can use datepicker plugin on input date field in a form and you can select the correct date format without any mistake. But without the datepicker if you manually enter the date, there are chances that entered date would be a wrong one and for that purpose, you have to specify the date format as a note. But plug-in gives you options to select/choose the date month and year separately.

Here we are sharing lots of collected free calendar datepicker which are hosted on the web. You can also find a responsive datepicker below. There are some plug-in for timepicker as well if you see links below. Searching the timepicker on the web, sometimes you would not be able to find the same timepicker which you may like and according to your web requirements. Here you will see lots of examples and before going to the examples you can see thumbnail images for convenience that surely will save your time.

Free Calendar, datepicker, timepicker jquery plugin examples

Related Plug-in and examples may you like:

1. glDatePicker – Customizable and light weight date picker plugin

glDatePicker is a colorful datepicker. There are lots of options for customization. You can stylize current date, selected date, special dates and individual days of the week. There are proper examples and tutorial for this plug-in.


2. jQuery UI Datepicker – Simple range Selection UIdatepicker

This is very common and very simple jqueryUIdatepicker. This is very popular as well and easy to use and customizable plugin for datepicker. Many people use this plug-in.

UI Datepicker

3. Datepair.js – Multiple selecting datepicker and time ranges.

The Datepair.js intelligently select date and time ranges. It is helpful for you to integrate the multiple date picker and time range selector. This is easily customizable. This is inspired by Google calendar.


4. UI Datepicker plugin – jQuery UI Plug-in datepicker with time range slider

UI Datepicker plugin

5. PickMeUp – Simple lightweight powerful dark theme free calendar datepicker

This theme is a dark background based Plug-in. You can use this Plug-in with lots of various options which is available like single date, multiple date, date range and 3 calendar with range.


6. CLNDR.js – Responsive jQuery Calendar Plugin

CLNDR is a jQuery plugin which helps you to create calendars. There are options to set the week heading and manage datepicker easily. Please read the tutorial of this plugin.


7. Date Range Picker – jQuery UI plug-in free calendar datepicker

This jQuery UI widget is almost similar to the date range picker. There is a left side option available to show the date like today, yesterday, and many more which you want to set according to your requirement.

free calendar datepicker Date Range Picker

8. Stylish jQuery Plug-in Scrolled Date and Time picker

If you want to use a stylish time and date picker in a mobile application, this plug-in is for you. This can be used for mobiles because this supports the touch screen event. For any touch event that you may have required, you can also use the jquery mobile plugin for that.

Stylish jQuery Plug-in

9. Pickadate.js – mobile friendly Time and Datepicker

Pickadate is fully supported on mobiles, is a responsive Plug-in for time and datepicker. This is a very lightweight Plug-in.


10. jQuery UI Plug-in datepicker

This is customize jquery datepicker which shows all the details like date, month and year on the top.

UI Plug-in free calendar datepicker

11. jQuery.ptTimeSelectjquery time picker Plug-in

There is an option to see the demo and download this Plug-in. If you want to check the usage of the plugin and option of this plugin, check the demo page.


12. Flipclock.js

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