35+ Bootstrap Admin Template Free Download (2017)

Bootstrap Admin Template Creating professional UI overview on the dashboard. Bootstrap Framework have the strong feature to give the better look in sort time work, That is the reason
to the Developer are using Bootstrap Admin Template for the Back-end. Bootstrap framework is easy to use and very popular framework now days especially for the admin template. Bootstrap framework have many ready made components for create the admin panel for back-end.

Admin Template framework make easy to creates the device independent layout. it means we can view the same template on the various devices like desktop, tablet, mobile. We have collected the many beautiful free Bootstrap Admin Template listed below. You can see the live demo.

All the below bootstrap admin template is a complete solution of admin. Many components you can find in this section you can manage according to your requirement. You can create the Admin dashboard and keep the highlight data like graph section of increase and decrease of the flow and recent user and list of user in sort. All Components like Table Grid, UI component, Slider, Graph available in Admin Template.

Some year ago, admin template was ugly design. Because this section was only visit by the managing user he only sees our work. But now days bootstrap framework give the best ui component for the website and application. We can do more without more time spend on the html design. Bootstrap Admin Template is very useful to the html designer and Ui developer both.

AdminBSB – Material Design




Pooled Admin Panel – Best Responsive Admin Template

Pooled Admin Panel

MaterialPro Lite

MaterialPro Lite

Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap

Monster Admin Lite

Monster Admin

Matrix Admin


Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard



Maruti Admin

Maruti Admin

Nice Admin

Nice Admin

Visitors an Admin Panel Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Visitors Admin Panel

Esteem Admin Panel – Responsive Bootstrap Web Template

Esteem Admin Panel

Pixel Admin Lite

Pixel Admin

Colored an Admin Panel – Awesome Attractive Bootstrap Admin Template

Colored Admin

Charisma – A Admin Panel Template in Bootstrap


CoPilot – Bootstrap Based Admin Template


Miminium – Responsive Admin Template

Miminium admin

Gretong Ecommerce – A Flat Bootstrap Admin Panel


Shoppy E-commerce – Admin Panel Template

Shoppy E-commerce

Augment Admin Panel


Responsive Ultra-Modern Admin Panel

Responsive Ultra-Modern Admin

Clean Bootstrap Admin Template

Clean Bootstrap

Baxster Admin Panel

Baxster Admin

Minimal Admin Panel

Minimal Bootstrap Admin Template

Novus Admin – Bootstrap Admin Panel Template


Easy Admin Panel

Easy Admin



Lumino – Free Bootstrap Admin Template


Metro – A Admin Panel Template


SB Admin 2

SB Admin


CoreUI Bootstrap Admin Template

Zontal Admin

Zontal Bootstrap Admin Template



Binary Admin


AdminPro Lite

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