30 Canvas SVG Masking Effect with CSS Animation Examples

HTML5 Feature comes with strong feature Canvas SVG Masking Effect. It is very powerful for the web and mobile application. HTML5 SVG and Canvas Masking here below lots of collection listed. Canvas is being use for the rich graphics and game development.

SVG is a resolution independent. It is rendering the cross platform browser you can see the color effects by simply CSS and you can draw easily in html.

HTML5 and CSS3 animation now days in trend. Most of the website and web application are using this feature of CSS Animation SVG and Canvas. Great Feature of the Masking effect in SVG and Canvas. We can apply the masking effects in CSS, SVG and Canvas both. But the simplest way to use in according to requirement. CSS is the simple way to masking anything object.

Some Examples and plugin may you like:

Cutout Different Shape Canvas SVG Masking Effect

Check below, no script has been used for masking. For applying the masking effect in HTML, only CSS is being used. This is the unique shaped masking effect which can only be seen in HTML. Same thing can be done in JavaScript but CSS masking effect is the same.

SVG and Canvas Mask shape masking

Below examples are the same, the only difference is the added animation on circle shape which is animated by Key frame animation. The unique animation effect can be created with masking. The effect and animation shown are only for ideas.

shape masking effect

Masking Effects with Image

The masking effects are now possible in the CSS and SVG mask. Earlier, these effects could only be possible in the Photoshop and few other Image editing tools only. But now, this can be done in CSS also.

There are ample of amazing image effects can be done by using the mask property in CSS. Masking of an image can be done by SVG and image both.

masking effect with image
masking effect with image1
masking effect with image2
masking effect with image3

Mask Button Hover Effects

Buttons play a very important role in any of the application. Those users who loved the designing and all, action button always attract them. Some amazing examples of masking buttons are given below.

Also check few best examples of Hover cool button effect with SVG and Canvas Mask.

Mask Button Hover Effect
Mask Button Hover Effect 1
SVG and Canvas Mask 2
Mask Button Hover Effect 3
Mask Button Hover Effect
Mask Button Hover Effect SVG and Canvas Mask 5
Mask Button Hover Effect

SVG Text Mask

This example of SVG text mask is bit different. Examples of SVG text mask given below will gives you the idea for creating different types of effects in CSS mask only. I have seen the same thing in CSS masking text effects first time. There are many ways to SVG and Canvas Mask, image and gradient colour also.

SVG Text Mask
SVG Text Mask 1 Canvas SVG Masking Effect
SVG Text Mask 2
SVG Text Mask 3
SVG Text Mask 4
SVG Text Mask 5

Animated Gradient Effects in CSS SVG and Canvas Mask

Background smooth animation in Canvas SVG Masking Effect can be seen in the following examples. The best part is that, this can be done without any script. This can only be done in CSS. With the help of gradient and colour animation, many styles can be done.

Animated Gradient Effects
Animated Gradient Effects 1
Animated Gradient Effects 2
Animated Gradient Effects 3
Animated Gradient Effects 4
Animated Gradient Effects 5
Animated Gradient Effects 6

Clipping Mask SVG and Canvas Mask

In CSS a custom shape can be created by clipping and masking the picture and any object. That’s why Clipping Mask is very useful in CSS. In the examples given below, you will be able to see the ample of creative shapes which are describe in detail.

Clipping Mask
Clipping Mask 1
SVG and Canvas Mask 2
Clipping Mask 3
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