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15+ CSS Button Design Code Examples

Beautiful CSS3 button are used in HTML pages for all good reasons as before HTML5, images were used for stylish buttons. But HTML5 and CSS3 combination give us a great opportunity to create great effects and structure. If you are looking for a button using pure beautiful CSS3 button there are lots of options and

32 Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

There are many unique ways to apply Photoshop Text Effect and create visuals that are original and creative. In all that Photoshop is software that can do it with ease of use and is very user friendly. Text effects are one of coolest things to web that has happened in our era. It not only

HTML HR tag style with CSS Example

CSS Style to create horizontal line The HR tag is used to add a horizontal line or divide the sections/contents on a webpage. Default HR style doesn’t look good and sometimes felt that it is boring and ugly. You have to apply some CSS coding to adjust the visual appearance of HR tag style. One

Social Media Color Code Examples Listing

Social Media color codes are rarely found on the net or are not handy at the time you need it. Social Media colors are unique and have a unique color code. Facebook has a unique color code RGB: 59, 89, and 152. Similarly twitter has his own and so the rest of social media. There

30 Hamburger Menu Design and animation Examples

Hamburger menu animation is the most popular UI element in modern web platforms and is very useful for small devices and also for desktop. All website make our design responsive these days, navigation menu has to be the one area which requires a considerable amount of attention. Main navigation collapse into hamburger menu when we

40+ Login Form HTML Template Design Free Download

Are you looking for login form html design template for your website?. All login forms on the Internet have same type of fields like username and password. There are lots of login page examples on the internet and that every user has to go through it if website has some user specific content to manage.

CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial Font-Awesome Icons

Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu can also be made look beautiful and attractive with the use of CSS. But in this CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial we will focus mainly on the use of Font-Awesome Icons to create a drop down menu. We will use CSS animation in this tutorial to a better effect. This dropdown

Difference between OVERFLOW and TEXT-OVERFLOW

Overflow and text-overflow both are different property and yet they are used to hide text inside the container with different uses. Overflow: Overflow property clip the text inside the defined dimension and hide rest outside of the area. If we set the height and width of the container as 200px and the content inside the

CSS3 Box Shadow

Box shadow property is used to create shadow effects with CSS. The same thing previously done on Image it was tricky to use in html. The box-shadow property effect can be applied on one or more elements by a comma-separated list. The box-shadow property can have 2-6 options, the main options are horizontal offset and

Clipping and Masking in CSS

Clipping and masking is used to hide some portions of an element in CSS. Whoever does Photoshop work, know about masking, is easily done. But If you do not know masking in Photoshop, you can easily achieve this using clipping and masking property of CSS. But there are some differences between those two. The clipping