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35+ Single Page Template HTML5 Responsive Design

Single Page Template is becoming popular recently and it is an interesting way to describe all the information on the front page. Many people love single page application or website, because lots of animation effects and all contents about the website are given on the same page. They are neatly divided and clearly visible on

35+ One Page WordPress Theme Best Example

There are lots of reasons to use one page wordpress theme in a website. They allow us to describe all the main sections on the front page and can be found them easily by scrolling the page. We have collections of lots of great design and many categories here. The one page design credit goes

20 Background Gradient Website Example for Inspiration

The flat design is in current trend. We have collected some latest background gradient website designs with live examples. These website designs are shown with cool and beautiful color gradients in full background. Using the CSS background instead of background image is very light weighted. Loading time also decreases after using the CSS gradients and

HTML5 Canvas Elements Creative Examples

HTML5 Canvas is surely an alternative of Adobe Flash, has incredible animation features. It provides an easy way to draw graphics or animation on an HTML5 canvas using JavaScript. We have listed unbelievable canvas examples for your inspiration below. You can view them live and download them as well. Before HTML5,animation developers used flash for

Best Online Free Image Editing Tool

Image Editing Tool are the most favorite part of a designer or photo editor either online or on your local machine. There are many Image Editing Tool available online. Image editors help you to edit images, apply filtering effects, crop images, image resize, change resolution of the image and many more. It is a very

15 Form Validation Plugin and Libraries

Form Validation plugin is not a simple two words combination but it requires lots of efforts as it has to come with various ingredients that include design, structure, validation and usability. It may be a tedious task for a developer to complete a form with these ingredients. Generally we write JavaScript / jQuery code for