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20 Progress Bar CSS Animation Example

jQuery library serves several types of Progress Bar CSS Animation which we can use in our project. HTML5 progress bar one of the best progress bar to simply integrate in our page. Simple HTML5 Progress bar we can modify by using the CSS3 animation and effects. They have several types of components like tool tip,

Email Validator Custom Javascript functions

Email Validator Plugin is easily available but if you have only validate email then you will have to include validation library for the only one field validate. You can solve this problem by using Email Validator Custom Javascript by own. Because if you include validation library you page will be take time to load first

20+ Free Price Range jQuery Slider Examples

Price Range jQuery Slider or some other sliders too are being used heavily these days by many websites, especially by those shopping websites or some affiliate websites where price comes in picture with price range slider. Price range sliders are used as filters in many commercial websites. With price range, one can get the product

20 Best jQuery Plugin Examples & Tutorial

jQuery plugin are very common in use by almost all the websites being made. Developers and designers use them heavily to give websites elegant look and easy to handle different modules. It adds much functionality that enhance user experiences and ease of doing things. These plugins actually are very easy to implement for designers and