30+ Best CSS Accordion HTML Code Download

CSS Accordion Menu is common component to see anywhere on the mostly website. Accordion is the best section to display the more content on our applications. Many CSS framework come with Accordion widget with many animated effects like slide up and slide down.

Using css accordion component you can show the listing content also on the anywhere in small section. If you have multiple sections with more content you can show all content items in accordion and keep heading on the accordion tab. Any section can be active but it is common to display the first item active and display the first item of data.

Creating accordion in any page CSS and html is the basic requirements to give the better shape of UI. Many plug-in are coming to provide the horizontal accordion or vertical accordion menu. jQuery library is very popular library to provide accordion menu and many more widget. We mostly use jQuery library in our application we can create accordion easily by using jQuery.

CSS3 Accordion with auto Transition

CSS3 Accordion with auto transition effects. Height will be adjust depending on the content of the section, plus icon on right side convert into the minus sign when open the accordion. Code design and developed by Diego Pardo author.

auto transition css accordion

Slide Horizontal Accordion on hover

Creative Horizontal Accordion menu example with hover effects. Live demo created based on the showing content of the social media, hover on the icon it will be display the whole content of the section. Design and developed by the author is Larry Geams Parangan.

horizontal accordion with slide

CSS3 Custom Responsive Accordion

Simple and full width responsive design of the pure CSS accordion. These accordions is use the radio button for the showing the selected accordion menu and come out the realistic slide effects by close first and open the clickable accordion menu items. Design and developed by By Hornebom.

custom accordion

Accordion with up/down arrow Icon

jQuery is being use for the showing icon and open the accordion panel. We can open a single accordion tab one time with smooth effects or close all tab. It is not mandatory to open one tab at least. This code written by Agustin Ortiz.

accordion with arrow

HTML, CSS Accordion Element Individual open

This accordion has the feature to open /close all tab. It is loading with the some animation effects first time. CSS is written in SASS code you can see the in the downloaded code, right side arrow convert into the up and down gradually. Code is written by Alex Bergin.

individual open accordion

Profile Card with Vertical Accordion

This Particular Accordion design for the profile page only but it is just a thought to show the design only. Also here added the icon with the heading in the accordion header. Author name is Mohan Khadka.

profile card design accordion

Apple Style Accordion plus sign convert into cross

apple style accordion

Horizontal Accordion responsive background image

Amazing effect here when we mouse hover on the image, First time image is taking the equal width space and onmouse hover will show the image in bigger width with the Details of the slide.

accordion with background image

Horizontal Accordion on click event Icon show instead of heading

icon based accordion

Process Design Accordion with text block

Accordion design always matter with the design and content both. Numbering accordion have the expend area with the connecting trail with the number it is being expend for the particular area content. Here is example with the CSS in Less, Design and developed by Chris Mounsey.

process design accordion

Multi Level Accordion Menu Like Folder Structure

Accordion design with the multi level structure design for the showing the folder and sub folder like, Beautiful idea to show the explorer tree structure with the animated design like accordion. Below code developed by Violet Cichecka.

multi level accordion

Skewed CSS Accordion Hover Effects

skewed css3 accordion

Full Width Column Smooth Responsive Accordion

full with accordion

Bootstrap Accordion with Arrow Icon

bootstrap accordion

Accordion and toggle Menu with animation on Icon

toggle menu style accordion

CSS3 Accordion Scroll on top after open the accordion panel

one pane open on click in accordion

Multiple Accordion filters with search bar in bootstrap

multiple accordion with filter in bootstrap

Product Template Bootstrap Column accordion Example

bootstrap column accordion

Multiple Accordion Menu Independent open

accordion menu with independent open

Accordion cum Tab Animation Design

accordion style tab design

Radio Inputs Accordion style

radio inputs accordion

Flat Accordion with multiple color panels

multiple color panels accordion menu

Left Panel Menu with Accordion Style

left panel accordion menu

Vertical CSS3 Accordion with no JavaScript

vertical accordion in css

Pure CSS3 Accordion with Active Inactive Button

pure css3 accordion

Full Width Accordion Slider with flashy effects

flashy effects accordion menu example

Accordion with sub item in ionic framework

sub item ionic style accordion

Lightweight Accordion apple style

lightweight accordion

Colorful full width accordion

colorful full width accordion

Responsive CSS3 Accordion Independent Open

simple accordion menu

Awesome Gradient accordion tab with slide

awesome gradient accordion tab design

Pure HTML CSS Accordion

pure html css accordion

Smooth Animation Effects on Mouse hover on Accordion tab

smooth animation effect accordion tab

Multi level Accordion style with fixed width

multi level accordion
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