20 CSS Breadcrumbs Navigation Design

There are many creative CSS breadcrumbs designs which always attract the customers whenever you visit. Usually, you click on the previous breadcrumb link to go back on the first or other page. Design always plays an important role to match your UI theme.

Many CSS breadcrumbs designs available here which you can download through HTML and CSS file by clicking on the download link. Before downloading, you can see Live Demo of the CSS Breadcrumbs. There are many CSS breadcrumbs style like Simple link style, number with text and icon width text are available here.

Many designs of Fancy Breadcrumb I have selected in the list given below. Making the breadcrumb on the top of application is the main reason to create easy and creative breadcrumb. It is very useful for the website application and for SEO purpose. Breadcrumb makes your website more search engine friendly for SEO purpose.

CSS Breadcrumb with Icon and Text

For dividing the breadcrumb link, amazing flat colour UI breadcrumb arrow in transparent is used which is designed by Renaud Tertrais.

breadcrumb with icon and text

Clean Green Theme Breadcrumbs Number with Form Name

The clean breadcrumb design is gray colour theme. This breadcrumb can be used in green theme by changing the colour theme in your design. This code is written by Sazzad. Number can also be set with text.

breadcrums with number and text

Breadcrumb Current Active Page

There is an amazing hover effect in this breadcrumb design. On hover, you can see the full text. The width of all the breadcrumbs is same and text in higher size hides. This code is written by Phelipe MPeres. All the text by mouse hover on the breadcrumb can be seen.

breadcrumb current active

Responsive Breadcrumb Design

Full width of this breadcrumb is the best of all the screen and devices. There are styles in text with number in circle. Designs are divided by arrow. This is designed by Oliver Knoblich.

Responsive Breadcrumb

Number and Text With Different Hover Color

Different colour change options are available on the hover breadcrumb. This style number comes with page title which is designed by Edward Scull.

Number and text with breadcrumb

Burning Parrot Breadcrumb with Dropdown Menu

Amazing breadcrumb comes with Dropdown menu. Clean dropdown menu breadcrumb design comes with dropdown menu.

Burning Parrot Breadcrumbs

Topcoat CSS Breadcrumbs Dark and Light Style

This breadcrumb comes with two styles dark and light. Current one is in active style and other one, you can see in the background colour effect on mouse over.

Topcoat CSS breadcrumbs

Tiny CSS3 Hover Breadcrumbs

This breadcrumb looks beautiful. This only shows the icon based style on the page. When you mouse hover on the breadcrumb, you can see the name of the page/section.

tiny css3 breadcrumbs

Light Color Gradient Breadcrumb

This breadcrumb is Gradient style. The breadcrumb code is written by fredryk.

Light color design

Material Design Progress Tracker

This is Pink colour theme breadcrumb design with number and text. This is designed by Shyam Chen.

breadcrumb material design CSS breadcrumbs

Multiline Responsive Breadcrumb

Easy to describe with many inner pages. This HTML is designed by Glynn Smith. In this, shadow effect gives the emboss effect design on the box. This design is for the cool websites.

multiline breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs cum Progressive Style

This is fancy dotted breadcrumb style with the page number. This fancy style is designed by Panda Got Files.

breadcrumb progress style

Full Width Responsive Numbering Breadcrumb

This CSS responsive Breadcrumb is with highlight background colour. This responsive and full width breadcrumb design is for both the template. Designed by Martin.

full width numbering breadcrumb

CSS Breadcrumb Navigation Design

Pure CSS breadcrumb flat colour with gradient colour style. Background colour on hover can be changed. Designed by Arkev.

CSS breadcrumbs navigation

Simple Breadcrumbs Without any Divider and Border Box

Very simple breadcrumb with blue colour link and non-link comes in gray colour. Designed by Zuyie.


Breadcrumbs Arrow Divide Dark and Light

This is light gray and dark gray colour breadcrumb style which is divided by arrow. This is made by Jens Grochtdreis.

breadcrumb arrow divider style

Simple Style Breadcrumb

This breadcrumb style is very simple. All breadcrumbs styles are available in link except this one. This breadcrumb has no link. This is made by Dzulfikar Adi Putra.

Simple Style Breadcrumb

Blue Theme Breadcrumbs Responsive

Amazing breadcrumb with blue colour theme and divided by unique arrow design. Designed by Tommy Hodgins.

blue theme

Active Highlight Inline Breadcrumb

Multicolour breadcrumb which has simple design. The active section is in great style. Designed by Darren Barklie.

inline breadcrumb

Five Creative Breadcrumb Style

There are five styles of breadcrumbs available in different colour theme. There is more than one creative breadcrumb. Designed by Mamun Khandaker.

Five Creative Style
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