40+ CSS Checkbox Stylish Design Examples

Custom CSS checkbox is a part of the HTML code and by default Checkbox have the basic design. For a simple page of HTML, there is no need of CSS but if we need custom checkbox, fancy designs of Checkbox style then CSS is required. For customizing the checkbox design or CSS jQuery plugin is required. Further modification can be done by doing some changes in CSS. Whenever we use custom CSS checkbox, both browser supports should be checked. As working may not be the same on all the browsers. If we use only CSS for customization checkbox, the response will be much better because there is no JavaScript and jQuery script to load the external file.

Many jQuery and JavaScript library are available for customized checkbox. List is given below which will give the demo page and facility to download the whole code. We have some good collection of examples from codepen. We have chosen the highly customizable checkbox with cool animation. UI developer always finds the easy way to customize the HTML component without any plugin.

Google Material Design Custom Checkbox with the Animation Effect

Google Material Design framework remains popular always. It provides beautiful custom component design. Here you can find the checkbox with the transition effect during selection. For better theme, different colour checkbox is here.

material design checkbox

Stylish Custom CSS Checkbox

This is very rich graphic with checkbox. Check and uncheck function works with animation. This custom checkbox theme can be modified by CSS changes.

stylish custom checkbox

iOS Inspired Custom CSS Checkbox

This checkbox is inspired by iOS checkbox style. Only CSS will be used to create the checkbox design.

ios style checkbox

Simple Switcher Style Checkbox

Flat colour and design styles are available with this checkbox. Click on the check box see the selected box in green colour. The code is written by Artyom.

switcher style checkbox

Pure CSS UI Switch Checkbox

UI switch style checkbox example is with bubble type animation. You can see the disabled checkbox here as an example. This code is written by Christian Petersen.

ui switch checkbox

Settings Panel Checkbox Design

It gives the look and feel, like software options, we explore the design of the checkbox style. This option is best to describe.

settings panel checkbox

Checkbox Trickery: Simple Toggle Style Custom Checkbox

Simple Toggle Checkbox is without using any script jQuery and JavaScript. The code is written by Will Boyd.

trickery checkbox

Fluid Checkboxes with Liquid Animation on Selection

Fluid checkbox have liquid type animation which melts into checked and unchecked. This code is written by Bjorn.

fluid style checkbox

Smiley CSS Custom Checkbox

Custom checkbox based on smiley theme, three smiley icon checkbox here. This is pure CSS based custom checkbox. This code is written by Vineeth.TR.

smiley custom checkbox

Day and Night Background Changing Checkbox

Checkbox changes the full screen background behaviour like day and night by slide on the checkbox. Text moves into day to night and background theme also changed. It is designed by Pedro Cacique.

day night checkbox theme

Full CSS Custom Checkbox with the Active Animation

It shows both the options but checked and unchecked, both options are active by rotating the icon. It is designed by Timothee Guignard.

full css checkbox

Very Simple Checkbox

This is very simple Custom Checkbox. Selected checked green icon comes with smooth animation. It is designed by Geoffrey Crofte.

very simple checkbox

Switch Graphic Checkbox

This Checkbox design is in very rich graphics. It switches style in Black. This graphics can be created in CSS only. Real switch is of on/off behaviour. It is designed by Jeroen Franse.

graphic switch checkbox

Material Design with Different Animation

Material design checkbox but checkbox checked style with different animation. It is designed by Ravikumar Chauhan.

Material Design different checkbox

Animated Checkbox Active and Inactive

Animated Checkbox Active

Squishy Toggle Buttons Checkbox

Squishy Toggle checkbox

Ripple animation on Checkbox Selection

ripple animation checkbox

Task Progress Meter Checkbox

task progress checkbox

Pure CSS Select Custom Checkbox

select custom checkbox

Pure CSS Switch Design Checkbox

switch desgn checkbox

Accessible toggle-style checkbox Multiple Design

accessible toggle checkbox

Bunch of funky CSS Toggle Buttons

funcky css checkbox style

Simple CSS Custom Checkbox Design

simple design checkbox

Flat Checkbox with Smooth Animation

flat desgn checkbox

Animated Checkbox in CSS

css animated checkbox

SVG Checkbox New Style

svg image checkbox

Visual Affordance Indicators and Checkboxes

Affordance Indicators checkbox

Bootstrap Multiple Image Checkbox

bootstrap image checkbox

Material Design Checkbox

material design animated checkbox

Custom CSS Checkbox with Stylish Cross Design

stylish cross design checkbox

CSS3 Star Wars Light saber Checkboxes

star wars checkbox

Animated Toggles Pure CSS Checkbox

animated toggles checkbox

Custom Checkbox Toggle Button

toggle style custom checkbox

3D Solar System with Checkbox

solar system checkbox

Inspiration On/Off Checkbox

on/off checkbox

Styled Checkbox with Cross Animation

cross animation checkbox

Rich Graphic Not that boring checkbox style anymore

Decent Graphical checkbox

Toggle Checkbox Modern Style

toggle modern checkbox

Custom Checkbox with Disabled Design

custom checkbox design

Fancy Checkbox in CSS

fancy checkbox

Multiple Style Checkbox Collection

multiple checkbox style collection

Happy/Sad Graphic Style Checkbox

graphic style checkbox
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