CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial Font-Awesome Icons

Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu can also be made look beautiful and attractive with the use of CSS. But in this CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial we will focus mainly on the use of Font-Awesome Icons to create a drop down menu. We will use CSS animation in this tutorial to a better effect.

This dropdown menu is purely based on CSS derivatives and doesn’t use any JavaScript library and thus is light weight. Let us create basic HTML navigation.

Here is an example:


In above html code give an identifier and now we add second level dropdown menu inside the “Online Tutorials” and “Online Courses” options like in the example below:

We have Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu with two dropdown list. Now we will include Font-Awesome icons in our html menu example above. First of all we have to include Font-awesome web-font library into the head section ().

Now we will use icons with Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu name. Font-awesome provides some class for managing the icon size like: fa-lg (33% increase), fa-2x, fa-3x, fa-4x and fa-5x. We are using fa-2x in our main navigation.


Finally we have to write code of CSS for Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu functionality and give better look and feel. CSS Dropdown Menu CSS Code


Now, you can view live example and download source code.

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