30+ CSS Text Shadow and Box Shadow Examples

CSS box shadow and css text shadow came with a new CSS3 feature. UX or UI Designer designs layout or mock-up as per the creativity. He does creative work with a new idea using with the new CSS3 text shadow and box shadow. But those same text effects and box shadow was bit difficult in HTML. Now, everything is possible with HTML5 and CSS3 new technology. But that same thing could not be done before in old version of CSS. We will discuss two things in this blog, which are post box shadow effect and text shadow effect only in CSS.

Both the effects can be easily created in CSS3. We can give the same effect as it is given in Photoshop filter, text shadow, box shadow, image border, inset shadow effect. The modern browser supports the new features of CSS3 completely.

CSS3 has changed the text effect dramatically on the Web. It can only be possible by using CSS3 Effects and Filter Effects. We have collected so many beautiful CSS text shadow and box shadow effect. The source code can be downloaded and live demo is available to see.

Monatik CSS Text Effect

The rich graphics is always described by Glossy Text Effects. For example, CSS Text Effect is shining here with animation. Anyone can change the text by writing in the HTML. All animation and effects in CSS are only written by Margarita.

Monatik Text shadow

Stylish and Beautiful Box Shadow

All the shadows are created in CSS only. You can see the variety of Bottom Box shadow effect here. With the help of this example, we can implement this shadow effect in our project whenever required. This is very common and simple way to set box shadow.

Beautiful Box Shadow

3D Effect JS Dynamic Shadow

This CSS Text Effect is very impressive with the attractive background. Shadow is little bit long but beautiful. On the shadow, you can see magic animation effect by mouse over. Few codes for the hover and animated in round, created in Java Script. Text shadow moves around the text after moving the mouse pointer.

3D text Effect

Box Shadow with Button hover Effects

This accepts variety of designs. Here are the list of the button box shadow design and hover animation effect on button.

Button hover Effects

Sass long CSS Text Shadow mixin

Beautiful long shadow effect on the Text. Text shadow effects created by Hugo Giraudel

Dynamic CSS Shadow

3D Box Shadow with the Text Gradient Effect

Two types of the CSS effects are there. Gradient effect inside the Text and the 3D box shadow effects.

svg shadow effect

Amazing CSS Shadow Effect on Time Number

Text long shadow effect on dynamic time looks beautiful. This is one of the best option of CSS can set the box shadow effect and text shadow with any dynamic value.

long shadow effect in number

3D Half Word Text Shadow

The designs like half shadow are not possible in HTML and CSS. But, this is possible by CSS3 Effects.

3D Half Word Shadow effect

Canvas Text Effect Graphic Example

Canvas CSS text shadow

List of Box Shadow Demo

multiple box shadow example

Animated Text Shadow Pattern

Animated CSS Text Shadow

Beautiful CSS Shadow Effects in 3D

shadow effect in 3d

Long CSS Shadow in Icons

Long CSS Shadow effect

CSS Box shadow with Animation

animation effect with shadow

CSS Long Box Shadow Effect

long box shadow effect

CSS Long Shadow with Animated Canvas Objects

anmated canvas with shadow effect

Gradient Shadow Effect by CSS

gradient shadow effect

Long Shadow using Sass Mixin

long shadow effect

Animated 3D Rounded Square with Shadows

Two 3d cube here for the sample, first one is animating continuously and smooth with the inner shadow effect. Second 3d cube is static and it is getting changed the behaviors on mouse over on it. Cool idea and code design by Samuel Thornton.

Animated 3D Rounded Square

Material Design Box CSS Shadows

More than five box shadow design explain here different angle shadow. One sample here for the mouse over on the box and shadow will changes with animation. Code Write and design by Samuel Thornton

Material Design Box shadow

Long Shadow CSS Example

Long Shadow CSS effect

CSS3 Text Shadow Sample

css3 text shadow

Simple Shadow Effect with Min to Maximum

Simple Shadow Effect

Dynamic CSS Shadow Effect on Mouse over

You can bind animated Shadow Effect on any event or leave it static, if you need shadow like.

Dynamic CSS Shadow Effect

little Bit Rounded Drop Shadow for the Big Section

Rounded Drop Shadow

3D Text effect with Gradient Shadow

Gradient Shadow with 3d text shadow

List of Inset Box Shadow and Outer Shadow

Inset Box Shadow

Phone Style UI

phone style shadow ui

Shadow Effect in SVG

SVG Graphic works with full CSS support. There is one object in SVG and you can apply any CSS on SVG object.

svg CSS text shadow

Super Shadow with Multicolor CSS text shadow

super shadow and text effect

Canvas Box shadow

canvas box shadow
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