CSS3 Text Effect and Text Animation Examples

Many CSS3 text effect examples are given below. We have collected very cool and creative text effect. CSS3 text effects are very easy to use and modify. We were unable to use CSS effects in previous version. CSS3 covered many styles and features in the latest version of CSS.

Beautiful typography will make your design application very attractive. CSS3 comes with many features and it is compatible with all the latest version of browser. You can download each and every example and see it live. Some of these effects can only be run on modern browser only.

Masking is one of the strong features of the CSS and it can only be possible in the Image editing tool. But, now we can easily achieve such kind of tasks in CSS only. Features covered in CSS3 like Gradient effect, shadow, masking, 3D effect and animation.

3D-Text with Text-Shadow

This type of 3D effects is most likely by the people. Few years ago, it was not possible in the CSS. But, as CSS3 came, many features covered by CSS3 only. We can easily create 3D type text effects in CSS without use of any image.

3D text effects

CSS-only Shimmering Neon Text Effect

Amazing lighting CSS text effect examples are here given below. All the animation and colour effect is being covered in CSS3 only.

Neon Text Effect

Pure CSS Candy Cane Text

This is really unbelievable that same design we are able to create in CSS only. It is a Candy CSS text effect. By use of this, we can create a border and other frame type style.

candy style in css text effect

Glass Text Effect in CSS

Amazing Glass Effect really impressive created by CSS. This is really amazing to create the same glassy effects in CSS3. By creating the effects, we can play with animation, colour and all.

Glass Text Effect in css

Text Effect – Breathe – [Chrome only]

Smooth animation in CSS only best example here. It creates the stretchable font height and border shadow all with animation effects.

Breathe text effect in css

Text Effect – Optimist

This is really unbelievable that this type of design is possible in HTML CSS. But, it is possible with CSS3 text effect. Many properties can be used here like shadow, gradient and border.

Optimist text effect

Lines and Layered CSS Text Effects

With this, you can create n number of layer on the text and change the colour style by CSS modification.

Lines and Layered CSS Text Effects

3D Text Effect Ambient Light

Ambient Light 3d text effect

A Collection of CSS Text-shadow and Pattern Effects

Multiple CSS text effect examples are here which also have the different type of hover text effect. Many types of event effect like push down raise up need to be shared. If you want to use 3D effect on hover, best examples are given below.

multiple text effect in css

Bubbling Text Effect

There are Bubbling text effect in CSS and JavaScript. We use the JavaScript for length of the bubble and adding and removing the bubble and you can see the creation of bubble and fade in CSS. There is no such requirement of the image to create particular type of text effect.

bubble text effect

Multiple Text Effects

Multiple CSS text effect is listed in this example. CSS code is in HTML code. Wow, it is an amazing feel to see such types of examples in CSS only. Emboss text effects, gradient text effect and border text effect.

Multiple Text Effects

Spotty Layered CSS Text Effects

Layered CSS3 Text Effect

Text Effect (SVG & CSS)

svg text effect

CSS Text-FX Effects

Blinking text effect in CSS by using the @keyframes animation.

css3 text effect with animation

SVG Stroke Text Effect

Stroke Text Effect in svg

Burning Text Effect

Burning Text Effect in css

Hit the Floor Text Effect

Hit the Floor Text Effect in css

Motion CSS Text Effect

Motion effects is used to create any poster type effect. We can create the same poster with image editing tools. Because many types of filter and effects available in CSS. With CSS effects, we can do so many types of designs with animation.

Motion Text Effect

Crazy Text Effects with Blend Modes and Clip-path

We are doing two things here, one is to break the same text into crack crazy text effects and put into multiple colors. This will create an amazing text effects in CSS.

Crazy CSS Text Effects

Neon CSS3 Text Effect

Glowing text effect which can be done by CSS only. This type of effect is covered in the image editing tool. Now, you can see the same style in CSS.

Neon Text Effect

Stripy Rainbow CSS3 Text Effect

Multiple horizontal color effect in CSS. It is very easy to apply multiple colors on any element or text.

Stripy Rainbow Text Effect

Single Element, Multi Colored 3d Text Effect

It’s an amazing shadow effect on the text. You can see the examples with HTML and CSS. Everything manages in CSS only.

Multi Colored 3d Text Effect
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