15 Custom Scrollbar CSS, HTML Design Example

Custom Scrollbar CSS one of the best part to scroll the extra content or extra page on the website with the attractive scrollbar design. Custom scrollbar CSS design give the better look on the Application if you have the attractive design of scrollbar. Now mostly UI designer design the fancy design scroll bar. But it is not easy to create by CSS in the html. We have collected many designs of the custom scrollbar Design and JavaScript based scrollbar. Whenever you scroll the extra content definitely your focus move on the scroll bar. Styling scrollbar using CSS and JavaScript good for the browser support because scrollbar jquery plugin handle all types of browser support issues. User interface design can improve the user interaction on the website or application.

Scrollbar can be critical element if you did not use before the custom scrollbar. You do not know about the fancy scrollbar plugin you are the right place on the blog. You can see here many different type of scrollbar like changing the color on hover, scrollbar auto hide on hover, scrollbar animation effects and many more. You can see before the by default browser scroll bar ugly design but custom scrollbar you can create our own design.

Custom Scrollbar Multicolor Styling

15 Custom scrollbar design here in this example. Based on pure css scrollbar design, you do not need to spend the extra effort to design the html scrollbar you can just see and create your own by see the code here.

Multicolor Styling scrollbar

Custom CSS scrollbar

Content CSS scroll bar live example is better for the implementation because you feel the real scenario. Beautiful design of scroll bar based is design for the outline only and moving design scroll part is dark style in round shape.

custom css scrollbar html design

Custom CSS ScrollBar JS

Scrollbar integrated inside the box design with the up and down arrow design circle shape is here instead of the arrow for clicking purpose.

js based css scrollbar

jQuery Custom Scrollbar

jQuery plugin is very common for the any custom html element. see here the best example of the custom CSS scrollbar jQuery plugin.

jquery custom scrollbar

CSS Custom Scrollbar

Full page responsive scrollbar design with live example you can see the same your theme by changing the css color live here in the CSS editor section.

css based custom scrollbar

Fixed Table Header – Table Content Scrollbar

fixed header content scrollbar

Drag Scroll with Overlay Navigation

drag scrollbar navigation

Custom Scrollbar with CSS – for Webkit Based Browser

webkit based custom css scrollbar

Custom Scroll Bar Script with Hover Effect

scrollbar hover effects

Simple Scrollbar Plugin

simple scrollbar plugin

Clip path Scrollbar Example

clip path scrollbar

Multiple Scrollbar on the One Page

multiple scrollbar on single page

Custom Scrollbar with Circle Scrolling Handle

circle design scrollbar

Multicolor Custom Scrollbar Template

multicolor scrollbar template
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