25+ Dropdown Menu Examples in HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery

It is quite common to use dropdown menus for most of websites that are being designed these days. Almost all of them are responsive and some of them use dropdown menu with the use of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, it is very simple to design a beautiful drop down menu. You can use JQuery plugins that can help in creating multiple types of menus. Whatever menu is added on your website, it shouldn’t be misleading or ugly designed that may lead visitors to distract from it.

Following are the list of customize dropdown menu examples, I have selected for you to look at and these are implement ready examples for your website. These examples are coded in codepen.io website and can easily be seen with codes and demo pan. Here are these:

Material Animated Dropdown

This is a material dropdown button and it works like a charm. This is coded by Sebastian Baumann. CSS coding is in LESS and a bit of JQuery has been used. Watch the demo.

Material Dropdown

Dropdown Menu Rolling Down Style

Justin Windle has created a concept menu called CSS 3D Dropdown Concept. It is a fancy menu which is designed like a rope ladder. Watch the coding.

Dropdown Menu Rolling Down

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Full CSS3 Dropdown menu is created by Daniesy with HTML5 and CSS3. This is no JQuery has been applied to create this beautiful dropdown menu and you would love to add on your website.

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Dropdown Menu Move down auto scroll style

This beautiful dropdown menu has been created by Hampus Persson in which a dropdown appears and it follows the mouse movement once it is open and not mouse trackball scroll.

auto scroll style menu

Dropdown Menu with Icon

Dropdown menu UI has been created by Jeplaa and what is nice about menu that it opens like a popover.

menu with icon

Mega Menu Dropdown

SitePoint has created a mega menu dropdown with foundation 5. It is quite nice with HTML5, SCSS and JQuery.

mega menu dropdown menu

Pure CSS3 animated Dropdown Menu

A pure CSS has been designed by Joke Gysen with the help of SCSS and HTML. It opens on mouse over and looks quite beautiful.

animated css dropdown menu

Country Flag Selector Dropdown

Abhishek Kumar has designed a country flag selector, a drop down menu with countries and their country code. It looks useful and good for the website.

country flag dropdown

Bootstrap hover dropdown menu

Betul has designed a Bootstrap dropdown hover menu with the help of bootstrap, HTML5 and few lines of JQuery.

bootstrap hover dropdown menu

Simple Dropdown on mouse over

Dianatomic has designed a simple dropdown on codepen. On mouse over it flaps and it works on a pure CSS3. There is no JQuery code applied.

mouse over dropdown menu

Dark and Light Dropdown Examples

This example is about dropdown list of items in dark and light colors which is designed by Thibaut and it looks good.

dark and light dropdown example

Horizontal dropdown menu

Jorge Epunan has designed a CSS dropdown with horizontal navigation. It is a classical menu design in red color. It looks beautiful.

horizontal dropdown menu

Simple Static Dropdown Menu

A simple dropdown menu has been designed by Metty with onclick to open and close the menu.

Simple Static Dropdown

Custom select animated menu

A beautiful custom select menu has been designed by Husam Alrubaye with a button shaped dropdown menu and in different color. Custom gradient has been used to give the effects.

Custom select animated menu

Layer Style Dropdown Menu

Zoite has designed a dropdown list that onclick, expands and then hides under the other. It looks beautiful and impressive. Do watch the demo.

Layer Style Dropdown Menu

Bootstrap Dropdown Checkbox list

This example is about designing Bootstrap dropdown with checkboxes. Bseth99 has worked out a beautiful and useful checkbox dropdown design.

Bootstrap Dropdown Checkbox list

Dmitri has designed a very simple dropdown menu with SCSS and JQuery.

very simple dropdown menu

onclick Dropdown with Icon

Ariana Lynn has designed a dropdown menu with a very nice design that works like a popover and it opens on mouse click. It is very less coding and result is too cool.

onclick Dropdown with Icon

3D Dropdown Menu

A 3D hover dropdown menu is created by Nicolaj Egelund. It is made in SCSS and there is no JQuery code is used in this design.

3d dropdown menu

Horizontal dropdown nav

This is about large horizontal drop down menu and it is made responsive for smaller resolutions. This menu is inspired by Microsoft menu.

horizontal dropdown nav

This is simple dropdown select box yet so elegant and it is designed by Felix Wostal.

dropdown selectbox

Pure CSS dropdown

A toggle dropdown menu has been designed by Eric Sadowski which is quite beautiful which has top open on hover and click as well. On clicking outside the wrapper, the menu closes.

pure CSS dropdown

Custom dropdown example with multiple color

A custom dropdown has been designed by Silver Drop and you have advantage to change the color of the dropdown. Nice work!

multiple color dropdown example

React dropdown menu

A React dropdown menu has been coded by Mikkel Laursen which appears on clicking the object. It has options to pop menu from different directions.

dropdown react menu

JavaScript dropdown menu accordion style

This is a CSS3/JavaScript pure dropdown menu designed by Pedro Nauck. With the use of JavaScript it is smooth and nicely designed.

accordion style menu

Subway Red Line Dropdown Example

This is simple dropdown menu by Carl Calderon with a red color subway symbol on the left of the menu.

subway red line dropdown

Wing-Hou Chan has designed a mega menu with foundation. It is nice and very light weight.

mega menu style

Responsive simple dropdown menu

This is a simple responsive drop down menu coded by Boyd Massie. You should watch the demo of this design.

responsive dropdown menu
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