Email Validator Custom Javascript functions

Email Validator Plugin is easily available but if you have only validate email then you will have to include validation library for the only one field validate. You can solve this problem by using Email Validator Custom Javascript by own. Because if you include validation library you page will be take time to load first time.

Email validation custom code is so easy and implement in your code. This function is very useful to the beginner. We have describe the two types of way to validate an email. First function is using the Regular Expression and second one is using the custom check the ‘@’ and ‘.’ sign to validate the email.

Email Validator Custom Javascript 1

Here the function is using the Regex for validate an email. There are passing the two parameter first is id and second is for print the error. you can modify the parameter according to your requirements.




Email Validator Custom Javascript 2

Pure javascript code for validate the email. Here is not using the regex. ‘@’ and ‘.’ is validate by the custom.

Complete Javascript Code

Complete HTML

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