20 File Upload Plugin using HTML5 jQuery Examples Free Download

Develop the front end website mostly we are using the plugins or jQuery JavaScript code for File Upload Plugin. Some years ago it was the simple file uploaded field and we just click and upload the file. But now days in html5 come with new feature drag and drop and File Upload Plugin jquery plugin. Now we are mostly use the file upload functionality with new feature drag and drop. Many plugins are coming with the difference types of functionality. We can use those plugin.

Depend you requirement what do you want to implement your website. You can easily find the custom code to fulfill your requirement. You can set the different types of functionality with this upload file field. You can show the progress bar at the time of upload and you can give the feature like uploaded file size and remove button also.

Some Examples may you like:

Beautiful HTML5 File Upload Plugin

Innostudio File Uploaded is very powerful file uploaded plugin. This file upload component can be used in any form upload a any types of document. You can also see the uploaded document and remove easily in this file upload plugin.

Feature Covered in this Plugin:

  • set max size in mb
  • upload document extension
  • Option available for PHP
  • add more move
  • remove the uploaded file
  • download the uploaded file
HTML5 File Upload Plugin

Custom Drag and Drop File Upload in Bootstrap

Custom component code little bit difficult to write because it is taking time. But you use the plugins you do not worry to error in code and facing the any unknown problem, if the plugin fulfill your requirement. But custom code is very light weighted because there is no any required library to include on your page. Below the code is pure custom and it is in bootstrap. You can see the drag and drop feature of html5.you can easily upload document by add image clicking on button or you can simply drag and drop the file and upload it.

Feature Covered:

  • Drag and drop in html5
  • Manually uploaded button
  • This component in bootstrap
  • Multiple Theme added here
Custom Drag and Drop File Upload

Mini AJAX File Upload Form jQuery File Upload Plugin

Here you can see the Cool and creative file uploaded plugin. Mini AJAX File upload form is easy to use and easy to integrate. There are tutorials of this code how will you use. PHP code also describes here to use this plugin into your php project. Modern design always attract to all people. Mini AJAX is a modern design component you can drop your document or add the document by browse and see the added result below with tick icon.


  • Ajax Based
  • php Friendly
  • HTML5 Supported File Upload Component
  • Progress
Mini AJAX File Upload Form

Dropzonejs File Uploaded Plugin

DropzoneJS is an open source plugin. DropzoneJS plugin provide you to drag and drop file uploaded and image preview with this component. It is very lightweight and independent library. it is also highly customizable library. You can simply drag and drop your file in uploaded area or you can simply add your file by click in this area.


  • Thumbnails Preview
  • Error Handling
  • Remove File
  • Max File Limit
  • Processing Progress
Dropzonejs File Uploaded Plugin

Knockout File Uploading with Upload Preview and Drag & Drop (HTML5)

Bootstrap based this script to upload the file with drag and drop feature. This component let you to upload the file. The uploaded script does not require any extra library to include your page. If you are using the bootstrap do not worry about design also simply use the something like this html, forgot about the Flash, ActiveX, Chrome extension and any third party libraries.

Knockout File Upload plugin

Basic Plus UI Version jQuery File Upload Plugin

jQuery based file uploaded plugin is a very powerful plugin which is very common to include the jQuery library in your page. You have no need to include any to her heavy library for this plugin. You can see the many options here to make it better file upload plugin. You do the cancel, upload, delete and add file easily.


  • Multiple File Upload
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • Progress Bar
  • Chunked Uploads
  • Client Side Image Resizing
  • Preview Images, Audio and Video File
  • Cancelable Uploads
  • Compatible with any Server-side Application Platform
Basic upload Plus UI

File Upload Animation UI

Cool effects in this upload CSS animation UI. Just you have to do the only static components for the designer point of view no any dynamic functions give you can refer this ui only here added the drag and drop html5 functionality.

File Upload Animation

Upload File Crop & Save

Different types of the plugins always acceptable. Here you will see the strong feature of file upload and crop the images according to your requirement and save it.

Upload File Crop & Save

Fineuploader 5 File Uploaded Plugin

Fineuploader plugin is very beautiful component with reach feature. This plugin support on the all the latest browser and mobile device also (ios, android) . You can use this plugin in lots of platform like java, php, nodejs and many more.

  • Progress Bar
  • Drag and Drop
  • Retry
  • Validators
  • File Chunking / Partitioning
  • Pause / Resume Uploads
  • Delete Uploaded Files
  • Upload to the Cloud
  • Image Previews & Scaling
Fineuploader 5 File Uploaded Plugin

File Upload & Image Preview

Pure JavaScript code is always better, light weighted and fast. You not need to use any library to run this code file and image upload component.

File Upload & Image Preview

Multiple File Uploaded

Multiple file upload requirement is very common. Here you can find the components of multiple file upload and remove the file at the time of added. This progress runs with css3 animation.

Multiple File Uploaded

Drag and Drop File uploaded with add button

This file upload component required the jQuery library because the code is using the jQuery. You can add your image by click the add image button or drag and drop your file into the drop area. Both codes are available HTML, CSS and script.

Drag and Drop File upload code

Simple Upload Form Design

Simple and effective upload form always attracts to the people and you can stay here to see the simple design form. You will see the file upload progress with glowing effect. This is the only html and css based design no functionality included here.

Simple Upload Form Design

Plupload file upload plugin

Plupload file upload plugin

HTML5 Drag and Drop File Feature

HTML5 Drag and Drop File Feature

Uploadify jQuery File Upload Plugin

Uploadify File Upload Plugin

HTML5 jQuery File Upload Plugin

HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

Animated Image Upload Form

Animated Image Upload Form

Creative and Animated Upload Form Design

Creative and Animated Upload Form Design

DropZone Upload Plugin

Design structure here with drag and drop code available to see the html5 power.

DropZone jQuery File Upload Plugin

Some Examples and plugin may you like:

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