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From web to mobile, icons have their significant role in its build. Making icons is not an easy job for any designer, and if it is a colorful stylish icon of a size of 16px with high on graphics and to integrate them on a website is nightmare for them. Outline or line icons are certainly the key feature in UI designs. And as a designer you would need them more often. You can download it on the web, it is everywhere. But to build them, is a tough job if not impossible. Free Icons Download collection listed here

There are many icons PSD sets available for you to download on the web. Generally we do not find free PSDs as a collection like these but we have collected for you. These are handpicked list of all free icons. This is only for your inspiration. In most of the example sets below, you can edit the icons in vector shapes in PSD or AI formats as per your need. Even if these icon PSDs are free to use, you must check the license under which these icons are being distributed.

1. Business, Shopping and Finance 170 Retro icons

Business, Shopping and Finance 170 Retro icons

2. Capitalist Icons Gray and Color – Free Sample

Capitalist Icons Gray and Color

3. Round shape color base 100 free icons

Round shape color base 100 free icons

4. Dark Black 135 Icons

Dark Black 135 Icons

5. Fruit icon set and web icons: 100 Free Icons

Fruit icon set

6. Thousands: 2000+ Free Icons

2000+ Free Icons

7. Creative Fields Icon Set

Creative Fields Icon Set

8. Swift icons – 52 Flat Activities Icons

Swift icons Flat Activities Icons

9. Smash icons: 300 Free Icons Download

Smash Free Icons Download

10. Icons Responsive: 192 Free Icons

Icons Responsive

11. 80’s Gadgets – 40 Free Icons

40 Free Icons

12. 30 Isometric Free Icons Download

Isometric Icon Set

13. Food and Drinks Icon Set

Food and Drinks Icon Set

14. 71 Free Animal Icons

Free Animal Icons

15. Construction Icons for iOS 8

Construction Icons for iOS

16. Weather Icons

Weather Free Icons Download

17. Flat Icon Set

Flat Icon Set

18. Stroke Gap Icons – Web font

Stroke Gap Icons

19. 3px Icons Set

3px Icons Set

20. Gray color Icon Set

Gray color Icon Set

21. Web icons – 100 Stroke and Fill Icons

Stroke and Fill Icons

22. E-Commerce Icons

E-Commerce Icons

23. Dark Background white icons – 100 Icons Set

Dark Background white icons

24. Flat Color 300+ Icons

Flat Color 300+ Icons
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