15 HTML Framework Examples

HTML framework grabbed the attention of those people who loved the UI because of their functionality, API and animation. There are many API and nice features are introduced in HTML5. Now, we will discuss about the HTML framework. HTML CSS Framework made easy to the UI developer who created responsive HTML page. Whenever we create any HTML page, it takes too much time to make it responsive and break on the all devices like mobile, desktop, tablet and large screen.

For creating the correct layout, many frameworks are available these days which has pre-defined classes. It also has the media queries to break on the various devices only; we have to put the class accordingly.

Some HTML frameworks are very popular bootstrap, materialize, ionic framework, sencha touch, jQuery mobile. Framework gives many pre-defined components like pagination, button design, table layout design, slider progress bar, dropdown and many more.


Bootstrap is flexible HTML framework which is very much popular. Mostly UI developers rely on bootstrap framework because of its simplicity and its attractive and simple HTML components. Bootstrap has been used many times. It has 12 grid systems and you can divide the columns according to the grid systems. If you want to use Bootstrap, you need to go through the bootstrap tutorial and then you can start working on to it. Bootstrap’s latest version is already released which you can see by go to the getbootstrap.com. Bootstrap is an open source code available which can be easily downloaded and then its library can be used. If you want any customization in Bootstrap then you will get many results and solutions on bootstrap.

Bootstrap framework


Materialize framework of the Google is designed to modern UI front-end components. We can use this framework for desktop and mobile app. Some icons and fonts are available in this framework. Lots of animated components are available for the mobile and web application.


Ionic Framework

It is very popular for creating the mobile application. Ionic framework is used for both web applications and mobile applications. It supports the angular also. It has amazing and beautiful components.

Ionic Framework

Sencha Touch

It is designed to develop the impressive mobile application. It has many beautiful HTML components.





Semantic UI

Kendo UI

It provides the modern components to the designer and the developer both. It gives the provision to the designer and developer to access more than 70 UI widgets in one framework. Kendo UI in-built is with several platform and give interactive and high level performance for the website or web applications.

KendoUI html framework


Sprout Core

HTML KickStart


jQuery Mobile

It is the best HTML CSS framework for creating the mobile application. You need to write less and do more concepts with this jQuery mobile framework. Many CSS classes are predefined here which we can just use these classes for creating beautiful components. It gives full support to touch devices, especially for mobile tablet and many more. Its framework is designed to make responsive device for independent application.

jQuery Mobile framework





Less Framework

Less html framework

Material UI HTML Framework

It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript framework. This framework provides modern UI components. Material CSS framework comes with the Google’s Material Design.


Gumby Framework

Gumby Framework
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