Create Custom JavaScript Tab Example

Pure JavaScript tabs are very useful because it is made without using any library. If you are not using any library in your page, you can create custom javascript tab with minimum custom JavaScript code. Because this is a short code using CSS, html and JavaScript, you can apply your own custom design easily.

I am sharing this tutorial about creating tabs step by step. I have created a tab design with highlighted black background. Tabs content container is white to which you can manage about the width by adjusting wrapper CSS of main div.

You can set responsive width according to your requirement in media query. This is a dynamic tab. In this example I create four tabs but you can use any number of tabs. I am using padding CSS here inside the tab for spacing and here tab list CSS display property is ‘display:inline-block’ for showing them in same line and set ‘active’ class for highlighted tab. I am just creating one function in JavaScript and invoke the function by ‘for’ loop addEventListener on every tab link.

You can use ‘onclick=tab(this)’ on every tab link and there is no need of a for loop.



Custom JavaScript Tab

June 11, 2017 by admin

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