20+ jQuery Content Slider Plugin

The best 20+ content slider jQuery plugin listed below in this post. It is really very useful example for the UI Designer and Developer. jQuery Image slider is easily available anywhere. But, when you search for the content slider plugin it would be not easy to find for the application. Here the arrange the many responsive jQuery content slider.

Many feature and style you can fine in the below example. Tab based content slider is a common content slider. It is really useful to the content based website or application. We can see the Blog have always this type of content slider for the blog content scrolling or sliding.

Sometime may be requirement will be different like circular slider without circular. Much idea may be as per requirement like slider with tab or only slider with left and right arrow. Generally Content slider comes with auto scroll or next previous button.

Royal Slider

Royal jQuery Content Slider

It is the Pure Responsive Content Slider. Auto height can be done in Royal Slider. We can fix the height and content will comes by scrolling. We have the requirement of many sliders like content slider, image slider, and video slider. We can use the royal slider plugin and use any type of slider feature in the same plugin.

Zozo Tab

Zozo content Tab

This is the best plugin to show the content in tab style. You can use any of unique style in the same plugin like horizontal tab, vertical tab and full width tab. Zozo tab content slider comes with both the features like show content in tab format with the content slider.

Parallax Content slider with CSS3 and jQuery

Parallax Content slider

Parallax content slider is the best example of content slider built in CSS3 and jQuery. In this slider, there is smooth text moving animation. Slider has both the options like image with content as per requirement. This content slider plugin has additional feature like parallax content slider.


Slick content slider

Slick slider has many options listed on the demo page. This is fully responsive and CSS3 based jQuery slider. You can use this as an image slider or content slider. There are many options available with slick slider jQuery plugin like one block slide, group slider or some part slide.

jQuery Light jQuery Content Slider

content Light Slider

This has one unique slide options like slider with thumbnails on the bottom of the slider. The best example here is to move one block by click on the next previous button or swipe left and swipe right. Many options are available to show how much item, slide margin, slide speed, slide loop and many more.

Coda Slider

Coda content Slider

This is very popular and modernized jQuery plugin for sliding the content. CSS3 animation effect gives the attractive smooth effect for the sliding.

Elastic Content Slider

Elastic Slider

It is based on the jQuery plugin. It is the simple content slider with tab style. Content area can be in column or scrollable. If you don’t have the enough space for the height and width and you have more text then you can keep within the scrolling by fixing the height and width. You can also find the tutorial of this plugin integration.

Responsive jQuery Slider

Responsive content Slider

It is based on the wordpress based plugin. There are many examples in this plugin for the demo is available; you can see the real effects of the content slider.

Tab Content Responsive Slider

tab content

Tab Content Slider jQuery plugin

custom tab content

Liquid Slider

Liquid content Slider

RTP slider


Manual Responsive Slider

manual content

Moving Box Carousel

moving content slider

Content Slider Responsive

responsive tab

Featured Content Slider jQuery plugin

Featured Content Slider jQuery plugin

Custom Accordion jQuery Content Slider

Accordion Content Slider

Full Screen Vertical Scroll Slider

Vertical Content Slider jQuery plugin


ItemSlide.js jQuery Content Slider

Rcarousel – a continuous jQuery UI carousel


Slidedeck.js – Best jquery content slider

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