20+ jQuery Map Plugin Examples Free Download

jQuery map plugin are very useful to find anything on the map. There are lots of jquery map plugin available that takes help of this plugin to create useful widgets. You can use the jquery map plugins for your contact page or search store, place, restaurant, hospital, offices on the map by using map plugin. Almost all map plugins use jQuery and front end developers also are familiar with jQuery framework that’s why it is very easy to integrate this map plugin for them.

JQuery Map plugin is very useful in modern web services and mobile applications. It is very easy to implement as the source code is already done and customized for the use. Client demands are divergent, so you need to find the right plugin for the application. Here are some plugins examples that uses jQuery Map plugin and that may help you out from such a situation:


GMaps.js is a jQuery plugin that uses Google Map API which is easy to implement by adding a standard map of specific location, define the zoom level, adding markers and get the location of the user.

gmaps jquery map plugin

DataMaps :jQuery Interactive maps for data visualizations

DataMaps is a customizable SVG map visualizations with the help of D3.js. Highly configurable and can be customized as per your web requirements.

datamaps jquery map plugin

jqvmap vector map

Jqvmap is a jQuery plugin for rendering vector maps with the help of SVG and works on almost all modern browsers.

jqvmap vector jquery map plugin

StoryMap jquery map plugin

StoryMap is a jQuery tool that helps in story telling on the web that highlights the location of a series of events. Easy to customize yet requires the big images on hosting serves.

StoryMap jquery map plugin

jQuery clickable map

JQuery clickable map is a free interactive map of 47 countries of Europe. It converts the regions into a stylish clickable map without any flash player.

clickable jquery map

JavaScript Maps

JavaScript maps is a ready-to-use library that provides instant drop-in situation for adding accessible and interactive functionality with the help of its flexible and other customizable options.

simple javascript map plugin

U.S. Map – JQuery plugin

US Map is a jQuery plugin that is used to show US states on the map. It is easy, responsive, customizable, easily styled, jQuery events oriented.

us map plugin


Kartograph.js is a simple and lightweight framework for building interactive map applications without Google maps and any other service with the use of SVG. It creates an interactive map that runs on all major browsers.

Kartograph map plugin

Interactive Mall Map in 3d style animation

This is an interactive 3D mall map concept with a sidebar search and specifies location with detailed about it on the bottom of the page.

Interactive map plugin

jQuery Location Picker plugin

This jquery location picker plugin is to find locations and select location on google map. You can select the location not just by single point but it allows area selection by choosing a point and specifying a radius around it.

jquery location picker plugin


This is an interactive jQuery plugin that helps in selecting places on Google Map, gets a detailed callback, adding custom places, full window map support, add searching to the map, add/edit and update the location and works easily with many maps on the same page.

Mapsed.js plugin


Mapit is a jQuery plugin that helps you to integrate Google Map on your website

Mapit map plugin

5 Color Themes for Google Maps API

This is a 5 Color Themes for Google Map API, which replaces the default color scheme of Google Map API. These maps are real and you can manipulate them as per your need. You can add markers or add events or whatever that can be done with a Map.

multi color theme map

jQuery Geocoding and Places Autocomplete Plugin

$.geocomplete is a jQuery Geocoding and Places Autocomplete plugin, an advanced jQuery plugin that wraps the Google Map API services. You provide the location and it searches the location with a nice autocomplete dropdown. This is very interactive and easy to use.

Places Autocomplete Plugin

GeolocationMarker – Detect the location API

This GeolocationMarker is a jQuery library that uses geolocation to add a marker and accuracy circle to a map. It changes and updates the location once the user position changes. One thing is in this plugin we have to take conformation from the user to trace the location by html5 api geolocation. Geolocation API easily provide the latitude and longitude position and we can show the any type of marker on the map.

GeolocationMarker jquery map plugin


WhatsNeaby is a jQuery plugin that shows a list of nearby places around a certain position on the Google Map.

WhatsNearby jquery map plugin

Search store address by filter, zip, city, categories and feature

This Storelocator plugin is used to location store with the help of filters like zip, city, address, categories and other features.

Search store address by filter map plugin

jQuery responsive Google maps

This jQuery responsive Google maps plugin gives you a native Google maps on your website and a safe fallback to the static image API of Google maps for smaller devices like mobile or tablet.

responsive google map plugin

Maplace.js: A small Google Maps jQuery helper

Maplace.js is a jQuery plugin that helps to embed Google Maps into your website. It is made such to create markers and control menu for locations easily.

Maplace jquery map plugin

jQuery Interactive SVG Map Plugin

MapSVG is a jQuery Map plugin that uses SVG to an interactive and fully customizable map or floorplan. You can create floorplans, village plans and interactive vector images with the help of more than 100 built-in geo-calibrated maps.

jQuery Interactive SVG Map Plugin

Landcarte, a Google Maps jQuery plugin

Landcarte is a jQuery plugin that provides geographic maps and other features like geocoding geolocation, user events, etc. with the help of its library.

Landcarte jquery map plugin
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