20 Modal Popup Examples and Tutorials

Without jQuery, no website seems complete these days and Every UI designer mostly show the quick data show in the modal popup window. Modal popup is easy way to show the data without open any new page. You can show quick information or get information from users easily. There are lots of Modal Popup frameworks available on the net and with the mix of jQuery and CSS, a designer can do wonders to a website modal popup.

There is lots of information given about jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 based modals all over the Internet. They are not only simple, elegant, responsive or reusable modal popups but they attract users also to your website. Information in any way or any form can be customized with the help of modal windows.

I have included some of good modal window jQuery plugins and a few without jQuery as well to help you find the best modal for your website. Have a look at them!.


With Vex, you can customize UI elements easily with various themes available. There are many animations and effects and can be configured for all sorts of dialogs. You can assign your own class names to virtually everything. Alert, confirm or prompt dialogs can be customized as per desired, overlay styles, animations can also be customized.

Vex modal popup

animatedModal.js Modal Popup

This is a jQuery plugin to create full screen jquery dialog box with the help of CSS3 transitions. You can customize the animation as per your need and there are lots of animations available to fulfill this purpose. All major browsers support this modal.

animated Modal popup


Remodal is a jQuery plugin that is responsive, fast, fully customizable modal window plugin or jquery dialog box with declarative configuration and hash tracking. This plugin is lightweight and synchronized with CSS animations.

Remodal plugin for modal popup

jQuery Popdown

jQuery Popdown plugin that pops down over your existing layout and with ease. It is a simple dialog that loads YouTube content, text or image, forms, other media in place style content. It is very elegant, do watch the demo.

jQuery Popdown

jQuery UI Dialog

jQuery user interface dialogs are very old and still in contest with others and very widely used in designing arena. There are many animation and effects given with this UI. You can customize and use with ease. Implementation is quite easy and gives a very pleasing experience.

jQuery UI Dialog examples

Colorbox v

Colorbox is a jQuery light box plugin which is customizable and compatible with many browsers in fashion. It loads photos, grouping of content, slideshows with effects, Ajax content, inline content and iframe content. It also has a feature that preloads images in a photo group and that’s wow for a photo slide show web page. Implementation is easy and lots of options will suit your needs.

Colorbox plugin

Zebra Dialog box

Zebra Dialog is a jQuery lightweight dialog box plugin which gels with your website design and is very flexible. Zebra dialogs are highly customizable and it is a cross-browser plugin. Contents can also be loaded with ajax calls, iFrames or from inline elements.


Magnific Modal Popup

Magnific jquery dialog box is a responsive light box that gives best user experience with any device or resolution. It is lightweight and modular and contents can be resized with CSS. It is fast with progressive loading feature, high DPI display support and most of browsers support this plugin.

magnific popup plugin

SSI-Modal: Flexible Modal Window

SSI-modal is an open source modal popup window jQuery plugin that is responsive, mobile friendly, customizable and is super flexible. If you see the capability of this modal, it is doing almost everything with its flexibility and capabilities and thus the most flexible modal in the modal world.

SSI Modal Flexible Modal Window

BootstrapX – clickover Modal Popup

BootstrapX is a Bootstrap extension to allow popovers to be opened and closed with clicks on elements instead of hover or focus. That means if you click elsewhere out of the popover box, it closes. It also has an auto timeout feature that allows popover to automatically close after the provided time.

BootstrapX clickover jquery dialog box

Draggable Google jquery dialog box with Pure JavaScript

This is a simple draggable modal with pure JavaScript which is inspired by google modal. You have the option to drag and drop the modal anywhere inside your container. It is responsive and allows keyboard shortcuts. It works well without any external dependencies.

Draggable Google Modal Popup plugin

Creating a custom modal window with HTML5 & CSS3

You want a modal that has zero JavaScript and with the use of HTML5 and CSS3 then this article will help you. In this modal, CSS3 transition, opacity, pointer-event and background gradient properties have been used.

custom modal window

Super Simple Modal Popups with jQuery and CSS3 Transitions

This, as title suggests, is a super simple modal popup with the help of jQuery and CSS3 transitions. It looks nice as well. You can view demo or download it from the links provided.

Super Simple Modal Popups in css3

Creating Bootstrap Modals tutorial

Creating dialog box with Bootstrap is super easy and it is used by many websites these days just because it is browser friendly and highly customizable. It has tons of features and modal is one of those features we have provided the link of. You can create nice dialog boxes with the help of Bootstrap modal plugin. There are many examples provided on this website.

Bootstrap custom Modals tutorial

Create a Fading Popup Modal with jQuery

This is a tutorial about creating a custom popup modal that is a fading popup. With the help of the CSS3 and HTML5 with use of jQuery framework, fading popup is very nicely made. You should watch the demo, it is impressive.

Fading jquery dialog box

jquery mobile iframes in popups

If you want to open any widget in an iframe, jquery mobile is the best jQuery plugin. Either you have to open an website or a video inside an iframe container, the markup is quite easy to implement. Even the maps can easily be opened inside this plugin. It is fast and you should watch the demo once.

jquery mobile plugins Modal Popup

Login Box Modal Dialog Window with CSS and jQuery

This tutorial is about launching a login modal dialog with the help of CSS and jQuery. The markup is very simple and easy to implement login content inside the dialog window.

Login Box Modal plugins

jQuery Dialog box

jQuery modal is the simplest modal that uses no image and very light-weight. You can add custom behavior using jquery events and works on every browser. It has the feature of automatic binding using HTML semantics. Examples are also given and they are impressive.

jQuery Dialog box plugin

Codelights Dialog box

Codelights is a modal popup that has numerous options and examples to engage. It is responsive, modern, SEO-optimized and easy to use.

Codelights popup plugin

How to Make a Modal Popup Custom Module in Hubspot

This is a tutorial about on how to make a modal popup custom module in Hubspot. This works on any available modal window plugin. In the article Magnific Popup has been used. In other steps, it is described on how to create the custom module. Must read in detail and create one for you.

custom Modal Popup Module in Hubspot
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