20 Best jQuery Plugin Examples & Tutorial

jQuery plugin are very common in use by almost all the websites being made. Developers and designers use them heavily to give websites elegant look and easy to handle different modules. It adds much functionality that enhance user experiences and ease of doing things. These plugins actually are very easy to implement for designers and developers and thus add impeccable values to their websites and it saves time as well.

jQuery plugins are easy to use and helps in easy customization of the code. With plugins we can create awesome carousel sliders, price sliders, range sliders and image gallery and other modules on our websites. Many of these jQuery plugins are free. We are sharing you some top and best plugins for your inspiration and experiment.

Bootstrap Pricing Slider jquery plugin

This is a bootstrap pricing slider that helps in calculating the amount of working days of services provided. Here we are providing the demo and download links.

Pricing Slider jquery plugin

Date/time picker

This is a very nice date and time picker plugin for you. You can check the demo of this bootstrap time and date picker plugin. Date and time picker are shown with separate fields and jointly as well. You can customize the code as per your need.

date time picker

Stylish Clock style Time Picker jquery Plugin

This is a fancy stylish clock styled time picker plugin for you where you can slide the time with the help of a clock as per your need.

Stylish Clock style Time Picker


Slidebars is a jQuery framework for creating off-canvas menus and sidebars. It is responsive and does have much functionality to create off-canvas instances and is equipped with a full API.

Slidebars jquery plugin

Responsive off Screen jQuery Plugin for navigation

It is a responsive off screen jquery plugin for navigation system on your website. Please look at the demo for it.

off screen jquery plugin


Mobility is a jQuery plugin which is used to build mobile applications. It’s been tested on PhoneGap as well. It is very light weight with the mix use of CSS, HTML and JS framework.

Mobility plugin

Spotify Like Parallax Scrolling Effect Parallax.js

This is a very simple plugin that gives parallax scrolling effects. It is very easy to use and customize. You should check the demo by yourself.

parallax scrolling plugin

SimpleParallax – plugins for create Smooth Parallax Scrolling Effect

Simple Parallax is a jquery plugin for creating smooth parallax scrolling effect. It is very light weight and uses CSS3 transitions to a very smooth effect.

Simple Parallax plugin

Preety Image slider jquery slider with left side thumbnails – desoslide

DesoSlide is a very simple image slider plugin which is fully customizable with the use of thumbnails and transitions effects.

Preety Image slider

Full screen & responsive image slider with thumbnails on bottom

This is a jquery Gallery plugin, a very light weight plugin which is used to create fully responsive image gallery. It is customized to full width of the page with the help of thumbnail carousel.

full screen responsive image slider

Auto-geocoder plugin display your location and Automatically Geocode

Auto-geocode is a jquery plugin that uses Google Map API and generate geocode and display location as entered in an input box.

Auto geocoder plugin

jQuery Vector Map Rendering Plugin – jqvmap

Jqvmap is a jquery map plugin that uses SVG for rendering vector maps. It has demo examples of four types of map.

jQuery Vector Map plugin


This jquery plugin have many examples with the use of Google Maps API. You can create many things with less effort.

Gmaps plugins

Flexible Client-side Table Sorter Plugin

Table sorter is a jquery plugin that converts simple HTML table to a sortable table without page refresh or any other server side coding.

Table Sorter Plugin

Table.hpaging: Tiny jQuery Pagination Widget

Table.hpaging is a very lightweight jquery pagination widget that helps to paginate the large HTML table with a fixed number of rows.

table shorting plugins


This is a jQuery plugin that is used to create responsive multilevel, collapsible Q&A interface like FAQs for your website.

Accordion jquery plugin

CSS Collapse jquery Plugin

cssCollapse is a simple jQuery plugin for creating collapsible content boxes that show/hide elements with smooth sliding animations.

css Collapse jquery plugin


QuickAccord is a cross-browser accordion jQuery plugin which is used to show/hide the contents using CSS3 transitions.

quick accord jquery plugin

Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs is a very lightweight and simple jQuery for creating responsive tabbed interface that will transform to an accordion if window size is resized.

Responsive Tabs jquery plugin

jQuery jpix Plugin

Jpix is a jQuery plugin which is multifunctional that helps in creating tabs and multilevel accordion interface with just one JS call.

jQuery jpix jquery Plugin
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