25+ jQuery Responsive Image Slider Plugin Free Download

jQuery Responsive Image Slider is very common to use on any website. If you want to use the responsive image slider in your web application, you need to finalize the slider according to your requirement. Now responsive slider is very common because now days everything is responsive device independent. You are on the right place you will see here the one of the best responsive image slider and image gallery plugins.

Different types of feature in the examples plugin you need to check the options. You also add you requirement and option by adding your custom code on this plugin. If you have different type of requirement which is not covering your project stuff. Some here the simple image slider and you can easily integrate without using heavy library. Bootstrap image slider also available if your project in bootstrap.

Free web component available here but you want to use any plugin anywhere, you need to check tat is free or paid version also. Responsive image slider give the looks better for your home page design, you can set the sliding image full width or fixed with.

Some Examples and plugin may you like:

Jssor Image Slider Plugin

This slider one of the common and best slider available. You will see lots of examples listed below on the home page. Up to 300+ transition effects available in this plugin. All devices supported android, ios, windows. There is demo section to choose the image slider for your web application. You can also check the tutorial option to know how to use the plugin.

Options Available:

  • Paging of Image Slider
  • Next previous arrow
  • Auto play
  • Adding some heading text and description
  • 300+ transition effects
Jssor Image Slider

Bxslider Slider Plugin

Very easy to use this plugin this is a free for use. Different types of options available here image slider and many more. You need to check the bxslider options tab to see the feature of this plugin. Lots of components available bottom of the options.

Options Available:

  • Pager
  • Controls
  • Auto Play
  • Carousel
  • Keyboard Event
  • Accessibility
  • Callbacks functions
  • Public Methods
Bxslider Image Slider Plugin

Wowslider Image Slider Plugin

That is the very popular image slider plugin available. You can see amazing effects here like fade in, fadeout, 3deffects, zoom in, zoom out and many more. Every image slider will be same if you search and see but every slider have positive and negative thing. This slider really contains lots of feature and effect you can add according to your project requirement.

Options Available:

  • All Browser Support
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Touch/swipe Navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • Video Slide
  • On Demand Loading
  • Full Width Slider
  • Background Music
  • Automatic Sizing and Cropping
Wowslider Image Slider

Amazingslider Image Slider Plugin

I like the image slider plugin because that plugin have lots of features you can check also bottom of the home page in Detailed Feature List. There are video tutorial also and you can create an image slider in 3 minute. But you do not get the feature in free version if you want to cover all these feature of this plugin you need to purchase these plugin.

Options Available:

  • Awesome Transition Effects
  • Customizable Transition Effects
  • Professional Slideshow Templates
  • WordPress Slider Plugin
  • Joomla Slideshow Module
  • Multiple jQuery Sliders On One Web Page
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • jQuery Slider for Mobile
  • jQuery YouTube Video Gallery
  • Designed for Windows & Mac
Amazingslider Image Slider

Fancybox Image Plugin

Basically fancybox plugin is for image gallery and image slideshow. Click on the thumbnail image and show the one by one by clicking on the next previous button or set for auto slide.

Options Available:

  • Image thumbnail display, swf movie
  • Customizable through settings and css
  • Groups items and adds navigation
  • Support fancy transitions by using easing plugin
  • Add a nice drop shadow under the zoomed item
Fancybox Image Slider

Galleria – Free JavaScript Image Gallery Framework

Galleria image slider

Photoswipe – JavaScript Image Gallery

Photoswipe Image gallery plugin

Fancybox – jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Fancybox image slide plugin

Unitegallery – Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin

Responsive jQuery Gallery

Nanogallery – Image Thumbnails Gallery Plugin

Image Thumbnails Gallery

DesoSlide – jQuery DesoSlide Plugin

DesoSlide image slideshow

jQuery Image Slider Plugin with Play and Pause Feature

jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Chocolat.js – A free jQuery Lightbox Plugin for Responsive and Powerful Slider

Chocolat image slider

FlipLightBox – Image Thumbnail jQuery and Image Gallery

FlipLightBox image slider

HTML5box – jQuery Image and Video LightBox Plugin

HTML5box image slider

stripjs.com – Image Thumbnail with Image Slider

stripjs image slider

Responsive Image Slider Pure CSS Slider

pure css image slider

BaguetteBox.js – jQuery Image Gallery Plugin

BaguetteBox image gallery

SimpleLightbox – Image Thumbnail jQuery Gallery Plugin

SimpleLightbox image gallery

Slippry – Free jQuery Image Slider Plugin

I like the slippry image slider effects examples and tutorial is available. There is full control to set the effects. I hope you will enjoy using these plugin.

Slippry jquery image slider

Responsive Slides – Tinny jQuery Image Slider Plugin

tinny image slider

jQthumb – jquery Image Thumbnail Plugin

jQthumb image gallery

Masterslider – Smooth jQuery Image Slider

It is also for the wordpress image slider plugin you can use these plugin in your wordpress projects. jQuery version also available.

Feature Covered:

  • Slider with horizontal thumbnails
  • Slider with vertical thumbnails
  • Full width slider
  • Full width slider with thumbnails
Smooth jQuery Image Slider

Mobirise – Bootstrap Image Gallery Plugin

Responsive image gallery with light box popup feature available. This is the desktop and mobile friendly plugin.

Bootstrap Image Gallery

Flexslider – Responsive Image Slider

flexslider responsive image slider

Colorbox – jQuery Lightbox Plugin see here Also for Settings and Code Tsutorials.

Colorbox image gallery
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