jQuery Table Sorting Plugin Examples

jQuery Table sorting plugin is the best way to describe data and see all the column by sorting the table column. Tables are the best elements to show your data in the HTML. Older version of the HTML we just created the HTML page in Table but jQuery Table Sorting Plugin do the easily. Now we are using the div instead of the table but for the data grid and data list view we use the same table elements but some attribute we do not use in html the same thing we covered by CSS. Whenever you need to find particular data this is the best option jQuery Table Sorting Plugin

JQuery Just give the best filter effects and sorting option in the table data grid. jQuery table sort plugin is very useful for the front end user. You can easily sort data in the table according to you and you can shuffle the any boxes by moving it.

In this List of examples we have collected lots of jQuery table sort plugin. You can easily identify by view the demo what types of filter do you like for your project. Here in the example you will see the table filter, table sorting, table slider many more examples. Fixed header of the table and rest of the data will come with scroll in the table. Below the best example of the fixed header of the table and table body will horizontal and vertical scroll with the table sorting features.

DataTables Table Plug-in for jQuery

DataTables is one of the best and popular jQuery table sort plugin. There are many feature and functionality with this plugin. Show the data with custom entries, search box, paging, heading shorting.

DataTables table sort plugin


Dynatable comes with rich feature. It is jQuery based plugin and you can use easily by selecting the table elements where you want to apply. it is work with Ajax it means after the apply any sorting it will now refresh. Utilization of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JSON make it lots of rich functionality with this plugin.

Dynatable table sort plugin

WATable – Table Sort Plugin

WATable can be use and integrated easily. It is very light weight library. Bootstrap based plugin is very easy to use because no need to create any class for beautification. just add the ready-made class and change look and feel it is Bootstrap based table sort plugin.

WATable Table Sort Plugin

jQuery Bootgrid – Bootstrap jQuery Table Sort

Bootgrid table sort plugin specially design for the bootstrap plugin. There are cross browser, HTML5, CSS3 jQuery support. You can have the option to refresh the table and show the particular column depends on availability of column. Show here on the bottom the total of table data entries, many options achieve with this plugin.

Bootstrap jQuery Table Sort

jQwidgets – Responsive UI Widget

jQwidgets support the all types of devices Desktop, Mobile and all types of touch devices. This plugin have the native support of AngularJS and React. Lots of feature you can covered by using the only one this plugin like Editor, Scrollbar, Splitter, Validator, Drag and Drop component, notification and more.

Responsive UI Widget jQuery Table Sorting Plugin

jQuery Table Sortable Plugin

You have requirement to sorting the data or any element by drag and drop you can use this one. Toggable nested lists feature additional with this plugin.

Table Sortable Plugin

TinySort – jQuery Table Sort Plugin

TinySort is very useful sorting component. We can sort an image input data and table data and reset option available.

TinySort jQuery Table Sort Plugin

Tabella.js – Table Data Slider

Wow Tabella is very different table sort components plugin there are slider on the table data header left side cab be fixed and we can moving data by using next previous button.

Tabella.js Table Data Slider

Tabulator – jQuery Table Sort Plugin

jQuery Table Sort Plugin

Editablegrid – Filter, Sort Multiple Format Plugin

Editablegrid plugin

Tablesorter jQuery Plugin

Tablesorter jQuery Plugin

Michaeleisenbraun – JSON Based jQuery Table Sort Plugin

JSON Based jQuery Table Sort Plugin

Table and Box Shorting

Table and Box Shorting plugin

Terrilla – HTML Table Sorting with JavaScript

HTML Table Sorting with JavaScript

Stupid jQuery Table Sort

Stupid jQuery Table Sort Plugin

List.js – List Sort Plugin

List Sort Plugin

Allmyscripts – Simple jQuery Table Sort

Simple jQuery Table Sort
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