Modern custom step form wizard JavaScript with paging

We will discuss on how to create Modern custom step form wizard using custom JavaScript code. There are multiple plugins and frameworks available on the web particularly for this step form. But if you want to create using a custom code with help of JavaScript, though is not as easy for beginners who doesn’t know JavaScript, but we are helping you with codes in step by step methods using tools CSS, html and JavaScript.

modern custom step form wizard JavaScript

We also will create a custom code of JavaScript, i.e., OOJS (Object Oriented JavaScript) base. You can create your own form and you can add and remove form as per your convenience.

In HTML I now create some wrapper div and some extra div for creating the wizard form. But you can modify it, you just keep your focus on “ID” which is used in JavaScript. I am using four forms i.e., form1, form2, form3 and form4 .

Modern custom step form wizard HTML

Here are I am writing CSS for this design only. You can create the same form using bootstrap as well using pre available classes.


I have created custom JavaScript by creating object and initialize variable and object for Modern custom step form wizard.

Modern custom step form wizard JAVASCRIPT

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