15 News Ticker Animations and Text Scrolling Examples

Mostly News and Events website show our latest news and activity text with horizontal and vertical News Ticker Animations. It is depending on the design or space how will show the News Ticker on the website. News Ticker is the fantastic way to show our latest events on the home page. Here is the one of the best smooth animation examples for your project.

Below the JavaScript and jQuery plug-in give you personalized news crawling for your website with your own content. Horizontal text scrolling is an idea to present the news or event in the single long line. So that you can present the better long sentence. Any where you can see the scrolling and looping news ticker to present the better content.

Scrolling Horizontal Text Smoothly in two layers

scrolling text horozintally

CSS and Jquery Based News Ticker Scrolling horizontal

css jquery text scrolling

Smart Ticker Animation like Typewriter Smoothly

smart animation news ticker

Alternate Horizontal Scroll News

horizontal smooth scrolling news

Text Animation with marquee HTML tag

html marquee tag animation

Fancy Text Scrolling without JavaScript

fancy text scroll

Scrolling text with Masking text animation

masking animation news text

Wakeup animation one by one character News Ticker Animations

character one by one News Ticker Animations

Text shadow text scrolling without jQuery and JavaScript

using css only text animation

Slow Animation with CSS only for Breaking News Scrolling Content

breaking news scrolling animation

Vertical Scrolling News Ticker

vertical animation on group text

Multiple Text animation with settings flashing zoom to zoom out

multiple text animation

New Ticker Animation with jQuery and CSS

new type of news animation

Multiple Line Horizontal News Ticker Animations

multiple horizontal News Ticker Animations

Horizontal scroll news stops on mouse over

animated news section stop on mouse hover
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