14 Best Online Wireframe tools for Mockup

Before starting any application or website, you create some drawings, flowcharts, pinpointing potential hazards, etc. to counter the real time problems in designing and developing the software. Online wireframe tools is a kind of tool that makes any website or app building easier by working out on navigation system and layout structure before the software actually starts building. Wireframe makes things look simpler with ideas, way to remove potential threats to software or application and finally cut down on timings that it may take and the cost that may incur.

I am listing a few wireframes that may interest you while starting off any software or project. Some of these are free tools for you and you should try one that stands on your expectations.

NinjaMock create prototype online wireframe tools

NinjaMock is a faster, better and easy handling wireframe tool. It is simple, collaborative, work smartly and comes with complete toolbox, vector editor and sharing options. Managing projects are easy with this software.

NinjaMock online wireframe tools

gliffy – create flowchart and templates

Gliffy is a great tool for creating flowcharts, various types of diagrams and is compatible with any platform. Gliffy integrates with Confluence, JIRA, and Google Drive to collaborate easily on your chosen platform. A great tool to collaborate ideas!

gliffy online wireframe tools

Lumzy – creating wireframe mockup

Lumzy is a quick mockup creation and prototyping tool. It is quick and has extensive component library. There is an image editor comes in-built with this tool.



Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wire framing tool that helps you in creating pre-design fast. It is replica of what is done on sketch board or whiteboard. Making mockups are fast with your ideas and thus easy to use.


Wireframe – better online wireframe tools experience

Wireframe.cc cuts down on toolbars and icons and gives clutter free experience for you to make your wireframe design. It is simple like click and draw, no other tool is required to make such thing. All you have to do is draw a rectangle on the canvas and select the stencil type that will be inserted there. You then can drag and drop it anywhere on the canvas. It is simpler and you should try this one.


Frame box – easy to draw your idea

Frame Box is another type of wireframe software that works online in easy steps. All you have to do is to sketch the frame using the UI units, save it and send to your counterpart. Easy to draw and easy to manage, this tool is good one for wire framing.

Frame box


Lucidchart is flowchart software that provides or what it claims to be the most powerful software flowchart maker in the world. It creates professional looking diagrams and flowcharts for your projects. You can start with a template or can create your own.


Moqups – all-in-one online design platform

Moqups is a streamlined web app that helps you to create wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes for your software. This wireframe software is smart, simple to use and fast. You have to visualize the idea and then with your innovative ideas and detailed mockups provided, design the wireframe for your software.



Wireframesketcher as the name suggests itself, is a tool for professionals to create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for desktop, mobile and web applications. It creates wireframes within minutes, provides quality feedbacks, and a better software can be built. Just start doing it with your team and see the impact!



Mockflow is a super-easy wireframing and UX tools for designers. You can draw, collaborate user interface mockups for the website or your app within minutes. It quickly craft beautiful design specifications and brand pages. It provides super-fast developing environment for your software to be built.

Mockflow online wireframe tools

Justinmind – prototyping tool

Justinmind is an all-in-one prototyping tool for web and mobile apps. This tool is platform independent and easy like its intuitive drag and drop interface. You should start with a template and customize it as per your need. This software is provided with pre-loaded UI kits that gives life to your architect.

Justinmind online wireframe tools

Iphone online wireframe tools

Iphone mockup is a great tool to create new iPhone mockup. This software is alpha version and thus it says that it can remove your mockup wireframing anytime, but this is a good tool for your iPhone mockup. It is platform independent and fast.

Iphone online wireframe tools

mockupbuilder – very simple and easy to use prototyping tools

Mockup Builder is a super easy prototyping, wireframe and mockup tool. It can easily create prototype of your software, web & mobile wireframes and mockups. This software saves time with its ease of doing things and gives better understanding of your software build.

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