15 Form Validation Plugin and Libraries

Form Validation plugin is not a simple two words combination but it requires lots of efforts as it has to come with various ingredients that include design, structure, validation and usability. It may be a tedious task for a developer to complete a form with these ingredients. Generally we write JavaScript / jQuery code for

30+ App UI Sliding Hamburger Menu Design Example

Smartphone applications have changed the design world of application development entirely. We develop the Mobile app keeping in mind that the design and animation and Sliding Hamburger Menu are the main part of application. Generally we use slide menu in mobile app because of small space in Smartphone. Hamburger menu contains icons with little three

80 Free Website App UI kit PSD downloads

Have you searched for Website App UI kit psd file download, and visited this website? Then you are visiting right website for such items. Here we have collected many creative UI kit samples for free downloading. UI view overall represent your website. UI kit has almost all components available. You can see and create your

35 Free Responsive jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Image slider is the most important section of any website. It expresses our services or products more precisely through banners or ads. Now-a-days banners and ads are the keys of success of any website who offer their products and services. Sliders are shown in multiple images like banners and to show multiple images either we

40+ Responsive WordPress Themes 2017

Many Responsive WordPress Themes are available on the web but if you want some selected design and perfect responsive Responsive WordPress Themes without any issue, we have collected in large amount of wordpress responsive templates which will help you to select the design and theme. All wordpress themes provide you to customize your website template

404 Not Found Page Creative Design

When you click on a link and it does not open, an ugly looking message or page comes to show this information 404 Not Found Page. This becomes painful sometimes and creates dilemma in viewers mind. Server creates 404 i.e., page 404 Not Found Page when a link or page is not found. Actually HTTP

CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial Font-Awesome Icons

Create Pure CSS Dropdown Menu can also be made look beautiful and attractive with the use of CSS. But in this CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorial we will focus mainly on the use of Font-Awesome Icons to create a drop down menu. We will use CSS animation in this tutorial to a better effect. This dropdown

Get JSON data from URL using JQuery

I am going to explain in this post, what is easier way to display JSON data using JQuery. We will use JQuery ajax method ‘$.getJSON()’. Basically this method loads the JSON data from the server through GET HTTP request which you send through URL using the callback function. If your request succeeds you get the