Pagination Design Examples using HTML, CSS3 Template

Pagination Design on a website with nice and interactive design is a necessity of a good website. It gives pleasing experience to users and increases the page views. Pagination should be as such it should not be confusing for the visitors as they may leave website if they find something not of their liking. Organizing posts inside a list of pages is not a tough job for a programmer but if not designed properly which is very crucial aspect of any web layout, it may fall apart. Visitors may start leaving the website without reading the actual content.

Paging is use to describe the more data on the page. Users know that they have to click on the next button or icon to view next data on the page. We have checked and collected the best paging design for your inspiration. You can check them all types of design at one place here which are the best paging design collections. These examples listed here are static and some of them are with animation effects.

Some Examples may you like:

Slider style pagination design example

This fancy pagination is designed by Simon Goellner which is very elegant that is shown using a strip. This is responsive, accessible and a new experiment where you drag or use arrow key to set the desired page also you can go to specific page with an input.

Slider style pagination

Javascript Pagination design example

A beautiful JavaScript pagination is coded by Dmitriy Karpov with some JavaScript and mix use of HTML and CSS. It is impressive and beautifully coded.

Javascript Pagination

Multiple Style Pagination Design Examples

Rosa has designed a set of 12 pagination styles and all of them are so beautiful and attractive with CSS effects. You must watch them.

Multiple Style Pagination

Responsive Flexbox Pagination

There is a beautiful and responsive flexbox pagination html is designed and coded by William H. built with Flexbox.

Responsive Flexbox Pagination

Kasper Mikiewicz has designed a very beautiful pagination with HTML, CSS and JS.

beautiful pagination with HTML

AngularJS – Pagination html Example with logic like Google

This is a very beautiful pagination that has been made using Angular JS and logic implementation like Google curtsey Jason Watmore.

Pagination Example

Ryan Yu has designed a responsive magic line pagination which supports major browsers.

responsive magic line pagination

This is a pure CSS3 responsive pagination design by Bela Varga which is simple and beautiful.

responsive pagination design

Tooltip Pagination Design

Joe Richardson has made small circle pagination with tooltip effects. It is beautiful and very effective for small area pagination or slider.

Tooltip Pagination Design

Pagination design highlight number in circle

Wouter Bles has made a webdesignerdepot like pagination with the use of HTML, Stylus and JS. Though, webdesignerdepot pagination has been changed on their website.

Pagination design highlight number

Slash Design Pagination style

Steven Roberts has created a pagination html design using SCSS which looks very beautiful. It can be implemented on blogs will give nice experience.

Slash Design Pagination

A tab like pagination is created by Mandy McClausky which is grey colored and looks beautiful.

grey colored and looks beautiful pagination

Simple pagination design in light and dark style

CSS pagination style is beautifully coded by Vavik with gradient and without gradient and on white and dark background.

Simple pagination design

Sandro Walet coded a pen for an elegant pagination with current indicator.

pagination with current indicator

Simple Design Rectangle box pagination design

Rodrigo Ferreira de Souza coded pagination with the use of CSS and JS which is nice and beautifully coded.

beautiful pagination

Kopepasah has coded a custom thumbnail pagination slider using Slides.js

custom thumbnail pagination

Multiple Option Pagination Design Example

Miaoduan Wang has made a set of 6 pagination styles which are awesome and pure CSS coding has been applied.

pagination styles

Pagination UI Concept WIP

This is a pure CSS pagination coded by Geoff Yuen which is compact but once hover the highlighted number it shows all the numbers of the pagination. Only a few browsers are supported for such a pagination coding.

pure CSS pagination html

Flexing pagination arrows

Flexing pagination arrows is designed by Hakim El Hattab which is really nice and made using HTML, SCSS and JS.

Flexing paging arrows

Simple Pagination Design with highlight number in circle

Arlekino has designed a simple pagination with circles around the numbers and mouse hover effects.

Simple Pagination Design

Simple Pagination in circle style

A very simple pagination with next and previous buttons on top of article and number pagination at the bottom of it is designed by Brian Fischer.

Simple Pagination in circle

Simple Data Grid Pagination style

This is a very wonderful pagination created by Iamisti using Tidy and Analyze JS. It is very beautifully coded and you should not miss the demo.

Simple Data Grid Pagination style

Pagination Number ½ style

A quite simple and beautiful pagination with previous and next link around a circle that contains the number of page you are at divided by total number of pages. This coding is done by Steven Roberts.

Pagination Number style

Paging html with input box style

Elena Scherer has coded a beautiful pagination with a go to input box which is looking quite useful pagination.

Pagination with input box style

Responsive Pagination Style Next Previous First and Last

A pen is coded with a responsive pagination design with HTML, SCSS and JS which is looking really nice by Broyr.

Responsive Pagination Style

Fancy Pagination Design

Fancy pagination with a horizontal timeline kind of effect is designed by Panda Got Files using HTML and SCSS.

Fancy Pagination Design

Simple and Responsive Pagination Design

A responsive and beautiful pagination has been coded by Jameel Moses which is simple yet elegant in design.

Simple and Responsive Pagination Design

Angular Data Grid Paging Style

AngularDataGrid has designed pagination with many features like sorting, filtering, sync with browser URLs, item per page functionality. Angular Material layout and input controls are also used in this theme.

Angular Data Grid Paging Style

Sequence.js – Mono image in paging style

Using Sequence.js, HTML and CSS, Ian Lunn has a different pagination with image in place of numbers and with changing background colors.

Mono image in paging style

Angular Paging Design Demo

Crawlink has created a beautiful Material angular pagination with first and last page links with paging numbers.

Angular Paging Design Demo

Pagination indicators in circle with joint by horizontal line

A pagination indicator has been designed by Moses Holmstrom with a step to step layout.

Pagination indicators in circle

Pagination thingies in Circle Style

Keijo Tomiste has designed a beautiful pagination with previous and next button which is made using SASS and JS.

circle style pagination

A nice pagination layout has been designed by Andre Wichert

nice pagination design

Yuriy Vaskevich has designed a very beautiful pagination using SCSS.

very beautiful pagination style

Steve Yu has designed a pagination which is mobile friendly with the help of LESS.

mobile friendly pagination example
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