20 Progress Bar CSS Animation Example

jQuery library serves several types of Progress Bar CSS Animation which we can use in our project. HTML5 progress bar one of the best progress bar to simply integrate in our page. Simple HTML5 Progress bar we can modify by using the CSS3 animation and effects. They have several types of components like tool tip, progress bar, drop down, calendar etc. We have collected the code of animated progress bar and plugin examples which can be seen in the demo. You can see the live examples and download the code.

Most of the code are easily available and free which you can download by clicking the download button. Many examples are in CSS3 only for which jQuery library is not required. If you need any other component like CSS3 buttons example, drop down components or search box example, you can go there by clicking on the links.

Circular Radial Progress Bar CSS Animation

This radical progress shows the progress bar with percentage number in center of the circle. SVG is being used for creating the circle object. Colour of the progress can easily be modified by CSS.

Radial Progress Bar CSS Animation

Multi Step by Step Form Progress bar

Whenever we create any multiple forms step by step, we give an indicator for your progress the form. As, it is very difficult to see how many are done and how many are left. This is easier to describe the progress form step by step.

Form Multi Step Progress

Sparkle Progress Bar

This is very impressive as it is cool and colourful. Its sparkle animation makes it special progress bar. We can easily change its gradient colour by CSS colour modification.

Sparkle effect Progress Bar

HTML5 Canvas Loader with sparkle effects

Below Canvas loader only shows the progress without increasing the progress number. But, by moving the progress on the top, sparkle effects looks good.

HTML5 Canvas Sparkle Loader

Circular Progress Bar CSS Animation Plugins

Many options are available in this plugin to colour, font and many more. We can easily create an object and apply the plugins on it.

Circular Progress Bar CSS Animation

Vertical CSS3 jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Vertical Progress bar is very useful for showing the progress in graph format. Very beautiful progress examples are here.

Vertical Progress Bar

Form Progress Bar

We can create multiple forms with some heading, bar and fill the progress, which depend upon the completeness of the form. There are three steps like white (not done), blue (in progress) and green (complete).

Form design progress style

Bootstrap progress bar with tool tip on top

The most common of Bootstrap is when you want to create an application. Given below is the progress bar created in Bootstrap.

Bootstrap simple progress bar

Thermometer theme Progress Bar CSS Animation

This looks like Thermometer. When you move up and down the progress bar, it works in positive and negative mode. Background is also changes on slide up and down progress bar.

Thermometer Progress Bar CSS Animation

WordPress Progress bar plugin

You can use this progress bar when your application in WordPress. Just install the WordPress progress bar Plugin and use accordingly.

Wordpress plugin for Progress bar

Responsive circular simple progress bar

Responsive Simple progress bar

Multicolor light progress bar

Multicolor progressbar is suitable for the multiple color website theme. We have included the animated image for your first time view. Here is the options to change the color sequence in the progress bar

multiple color light CSS3 jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

nProgress progress bar plugin

nProgress Progress Bar CSS Animation

CSS timeline year progress bar

Showing the any year timeline you need to show the years step like timeline.

year timeline progressbar

Simple Progress Bar CSS Animation with increasing number

Increasing number Progress bar

Mprogress CSS3 jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Mprogress CSS3 jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Pure CSS3 progress bar

Very simple design and animation of css3. it is a responsive slider.

CSS3 jQuery Progress Bar CSS Animation Plugins

Responsive Circular Countdown and Counter Plugin, Line Progress Bar

Countdown and Counter Plugin for progress bar

Disk Defrag Free with progress bar

Disk Defrag progress bar

CSS progress bar with multiple color

multiple color simple progress bar
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