35 Free Responsive jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Image slider is the most important section of any website. It expresses our services or products more precisely through banners or ads. Now-a-days banners and ads are the keys of success of any website who offer their products and services. Sliders are shown in multiple images like banners and to show multiple images either we show them one after other or above but that makes website ugly. So, we need to place them inside a container and slide them automatically or manually by pressing the buttons.

Here we are showing you a collection of Carousel Slider Plugins. This collection is compiled such as you do not have to search multiple websites elsewhere. Some websites requirement can be diverse like mini slider, partners logo slider, content slider, menu slider, tab slider, full image slider, image background slider, etc. It is very difficult to find the plug-ins as per requirements though we are giving you some example websites you can check before implementing your own.

These are very useful plug-ins and tutorials and almost all plug-ins are based on HTML5 and CSS3.

jQuery Carousel with Images and YouTube Videos

This jQuery carousel has circular rotation and hover effects. When you hover on any slide, it shows some popup icons. Clicking on any slide will open in full screen. This is a responsive slider.

Carousel with Images and YouTube Videos

Carousel – dynamic number of slides

Boxslider is a very popular plug-in. This is a responsive slider but it does not convert into one slide on mobile.

dynamic number slides examples image

jQuery Vertical News

Vertical News slider is a different slider. It shows left side thumbnail row and right side detailed slide in a big box. Selected backgrounds do move with animation.

vertical news slider examples image

Scattered Polaroids Gallery

Scattered Polaroids is an image gallery with slide effects. This image gallery comes with slider effects and pagination.

Polaroids Gallery examples image

Responsive Carousel

This is a responsive carousel that means it will adopt any screen resolution.

Responsive slider image

Responsive Thumbnail Slider

This plug-in has many types of sliders in settings; you can check demos of this plug-in and download them easily.

Thumbnail Slider image

jQuery Slick Slider

Slick slider has many options to use like auto slider, group moving, one by one moving.

Slick Slider image

Hi Slider

Hislider has options to download video tutorial. You can set style in options.

Hi Slider image

Responsive Image Slider in jQuery and CSS3

In this slider, html and CSS coding is very simple to understand. They are using UI listing for sliding images. You can integrate the slide easily by reading tutorials step by step.

CSS3 animated slider image

PgwSlideshow – Responsive slideshow / gallery / carousel for jQuery / Zepto

The slider full image shows on top of thumbnail images and next previous buttons are also visible left and right of thumbnail images and also on full image container. Many options and effects are available with this plug-in.

carousel gallery image


This is a carousel auto moving box slider. Also there are custom elements means you can easily copy, html, CSS and jQuery code.

moving box carousel image

Simple Multi-Item Slider

Multi item slider is a very impressive slider because this slider has awesome moving effects. Categories are showing on bottom and categories items are shown on click. This is a cool concept.

simple multi-item slider image

jQuery Liquid Carousel plug-in

Liquid Carousel Plug-in means you can control the width of slider by setting width of outer container. You can set this in percentage or pixel.

liquid carousel example image

SilverTrackjQuery plug-in

Horizontal and vertical slider is available. This is available for download on GitHub.

silvertrack plugin image

3D Carousel Gallery

3D Carousel slider moving effect is very attractive. You can find free codes with this plug-in.

3d carousel image

3D Carousel Using TweenMax.js &jQuery

This is a very cool animation with slides moving in 3D circle. On page load slide loading effect is very cool and on hover, slide effects are also available.

3d carousel tweenmax plugin image

Bootstrap2 Responsive Carousel Demo

Simple slide with content from left to right or right to left.

simple bootstrap2 slider image

WOW slider

Many changing effects are available with this plug-in. This is a very popular plug-in.

wow slider examples image

FlexSlider with Custom Text Controls

This is flexSlider with customizable text controls. It shows tab on bottom, you can click on tab or can go to a particular slide.

flexslider custom sample image

Manual Responsive Slider

This is a custom code and not a plug-in. This is a fully responsive slider with next previous button and tabs are also available with this slide. You can jump on any particular slider by clicking on tabs or by clicking next previous buttons.

manual responsive slider sample image

Flickity – custom prev/next button & page dot style


Flickity – image gallery with selected style

Flickity image gallery is with custom style paging and next previous button.

Flickity gallery

Navigation Knob

This is like a navigation knob. When you click on any number, it is highlight as focus is moved to the clickable area.


Elastislide – A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plug-in

Elastislide is a responsive jquery carousel plug-in. You can download, view demo and read the tutorial on how to implement.

Elastislide Image Slider

Supersized full screen background slideshow

Supersized is a good to show full screen background slideshow which has good facility to show thumbnails at the bottom with creative controls.

Supersized full screen slider

Galleria JavaScript image gallery framework

Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework with new feature like maximizes, full screen, play, pause with respective thumbnails.

Galleria JavaScript image gallery

3D Bouncing ball

This plug-in has two demos and this is a full screen responsive slider.

3d ball

Flexible slider plug-in

This is a touch feature cross browser compatible slider and this is also available on GitHub.

flexible Image Slider example

PgwSlider – Responsive Image Slider for jQuery / Zepto

pgwslider Image Slider

PhotoSwipe Image Slider


Flexisel Responsive Carousel jQuery Plug-in

flexisel carousel

Carousel with Gallery Thumbs

gallery thumbnails

Tiny Circleslider

tiny slider
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