Singleton Design Pattern Example in javaScript

Singleton object can be initiate one time. Object is only constructed after call the function first time. Singleton Design Pattern is way to define to be use the single object. Here i am writing the two way to create singleton object. First example is self invoking function and some method expose to use. When you create the singleton object and initiating with multiple object name. All the object will point the same due to single ton object. Generally singleton pattern is being use to create a library.

This is useful when we use one object to coordinate across the system. Singleton design pattern is well known and easy to use in basic. but when you will go in deep, there are lots of problems comes.

Singleton Design Pattern implementing in javascript

Example 1

Example 2

It is already initiate the object with new when we create an object. There are no need to initiate again and again.

October 14, 2017 by shashi singh

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