20 Vertical Tab Slider jQuery Plugin Example

jQuery compatible almost all modern browser and many jQuery plugin available for the online and offline application. jQuery has quickly gain the popularity for front end component like vertical tab slider. jQuery vertical tab slider plugin is the one of them. I am sharing many example of vertical tab slider. JQuery vertical slider can have image slider or text based slider.

Many Vertical Tab Slider examples are responsive here. Vertical tab slider is very important for the application when we can’t put the horizontal slider. Many vertical slider you can easily find but particular vertical slider is little bit difficult to search. Some of example here for the vertical content slider, vertical image slider, tab based vertical slider.

Many vertical slider designs have impressive interface. You can do with some changes to the CSS and make them look and feel according to your application view. I am focusing only on the jQuery vertical slider example like jQuery vertical image slider, jQuery responsive vertical slider, jQuery vertical content slider all slider based on jQuery library.


zozo tab

Zozo tabs covered the many featured with this plugin. This is the fully responsive & touched enabled slider. There are many tab options available like Vertical tab slider, horizontal tab slider and multiline tab slider. This plugin have the free updates and support.


jssor tab

Jssor is very popular plugin library. this plugin have many type of slider like horizontal, vertical and thumbnail slider. You want to start new integration you will have to definitely visit in tutorial section. You will do the easily integration. There are example of the jQuery Vertical Tab Slider

Bootstrap Vertical Tab Slider

bootstrap tab

This is a bootstrap vertical tab. you have to use only bootstrap and get the attractive vertical tab section.

Amazing Slider

amazing slider

Amazing slider is very strong jQuery slider. This plugin have 20+ type of slider available you can see live demo here. Vertical Tab Slider is an amazing it can be auto slide and you can go by click on the tab. If you want to change the design of the tab like horizontal or vertical you can easily edit them. This have also paid version available. You can check in pricing section.

Simple Vertical Tab

simple vertical tabs

You will find all the code HTML, CSS and JS. Vertical tab in left side with the tab icon and tab name and you can see here the detail on right side. It can be an image or text.

jQuery UI Tab

jquery ui tab

jQuery UI tab is very popular and easy to integrate plugin. This is the default design of jQuery Ui horizontal tab plugin. jQuery UI have also the theme options we can easily download the select by theme.

Custom jQuery Tab

custom tabs

AngularJS Bootstrap 2 Left Vertical Tabs

angularjs vertical tabs

Bootstrap Vertical Tabs

bootstrap tabs

jQuery Vertical Tab Slider

Vertical Tab Slider

Nomatab – Jquery Responsive Tabs

nomatab jQuery Vertical Tab Slider

Simple Slide Vertical Tab

slide vertical tab

Vertical News Slider

vertical news

Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

pure css accordion

CSS Responsive animated Accordion

animated accordion

Tabion – Metro Tab Accordion Switcher CSS

tabion Vertical Tab Slider

CSS3 Multiple Accordion Menu

css3 multiple accordion

Simple Accordion

simple accordion

Multi-level Accordion


Basic Accordion

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